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Where to get the Banana of the Gods in Fortnite

It wouldn’t be Fortnite without some wild and wacky items to boost your playstyle, and the current Banana of the Gods is one of the most useful og these items that the game has seen in quite a while. Whether you’re just looking to take on one of chapter 5, season 2’s challenging bosses, or you want to have an extra edge in battles against other squads you come up against, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this godly fruit all across the battle royale map. Below, we’ll tell you where you can find the Banana of the Gods and how it works.

Where to get the Banana of the Gods in Fortnite

The Banana of the Gods can be found all across the chapter 5, season 2 map, including in normal chests and as ground loot. However, you’ll have an increased chance of scoring some of this Legendary-rarity fruit in Olympus Chests and Underworld Chests. There’s even a surprisingly decent chance that you can uncover some by searching basic produce boxes, which can be found all over the battle royale map in houses and other encampments.

The Banana of the Gods grants you the following boons for a total of 20 seconds after being eaten:

  • HP regen every second
  • Unlimited stamina
  • Low-gravity jumping
  • Faster movement speed

If it’s not obvious by now, it’s a great idea to keep these in your inventory to use against opposing teams, as you can rest assured that they’ll be using them against you. Good luck out there, banana hunter!

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