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Terms & Conditions

Here at Terms & Conditions, we read the terms of service, privacy policies, and other required legal contracts of websites and online services so you don’t have to. (Not that you were going to read them anyway.) Check out our Terms & Conditions archive below to see all the important provisions you should take into consideration before clicking “Agree.”

TrueColours Chrome extension is a life hack for those pesky T&Cs you never read

The TrueColours browser extension and smartphone app from Stabilo describes itself as the "world’s first warning system for online terms and conditions." It highlights the most notable text on the policy pages of the web's biggest platforms.
June 14, 2016
truecolours chrome plugin terms feat

For 32 hours, a group live streamed the ‘terms and conditions’ of apps like iTunes

A consumer group in Norway is so fed up with the "absurd ... scope, length, and complexity" of smartphone apps' terms of use that it decided to highlight the issue by reading out user agreements in a marathon reading session lasting 32 hours.
May 26, 2016
norway terms conditions

Terms & Conditions: Etsy’s homespun rules are more complicated than you think

Etsy may be a great place to find that simple little item that really ties the room (or outfit) together. But its terms of service toss sellers into a maze of rules and regulations – and violating them can destroy one's livelihood.

Terms & Conditions: What’s in your Mega account? Don’t ask, don’t tell

Kim Dotcom's hot new company Mega gives users something no other competing cloud storage service offers: 50GB of free storage space and clever encryption. But Mega's Terms make one thing clear: The risk is all on you.
Terms and Conditions MEGA