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Here at Terms & Conditions, we read the terms of service, privacy policies, and other required legal contracts of websites and online services so you don’t have to. (Not that you were going to read them anyway.) Check out our Terms & Conditions archive below to see all the important provisions you should take into consideration before clicking “Agree.”

truecolours chrome plugin terms feat

TrueColours Chrome extension is a life hack for those pesky T&Cs you never read

The TrueColours browser extension and smartphone app from Stabilo describes itself as the "world’s first warning system for online terms and conditions."
norway terms conditions

For 32 hours, a group live streamed the ‘terms and conditions’ of apps like iTunes

vine wants to eliminate porn from its site xxx

Vine says no to porn

Green Monday Deals

KlearGear fines couple $3,500 for negative review

terms and conditions wikipedia

Terms & Conditions: Wikipedia is open, but your user data isn’t

Lulu Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Sorry gents, Lulu has you hanging by your data

Terms and Conditions Vizify

Terms & Conditions: Vizify knows everything about you (updated)

Terms and Conditions FreedomPop

Terms & Conditions: Freedompop will nickel and dime you – but it’s still a good deal

terms an conditions aereo

Terms & Conditions: Aereo toes a legal line but that’s its problem, not yours

Terms and Conditions: Etsy

Terms & Conditions: Etsy’s homespun rules are more complicated than you think

terms conditions bang with friends

Terms & Conditions: BangWithFriends is not liable for your horrible decisions

Terms & Conditions Reddit

Terms & Conditions: Reddit revamps with privacy in mind

Terms & Conditions: WhatsApp

Terms & Conditions: WhatsApp’s legalese is user-friendly … and hilarious

WhatsApp has becoming one of the world's most popular SMS alternatives. But its terms of service is even better than free text messaging.
terms conditions congress has privacy policies in its sights with cispa t c feature

Terms & Conditions: Congress has privacy policies in its sights with CISPA

The return of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) puts all privacy policies on the chopping block.
terms conditions hbogo and

Terms & Conditions: Sharing your HBOGo password is risky, but worth it

Can you use someone else's password to access HBOGo? Find out in this edition of Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions: Should ignoring fine print be illegal?

The already-bad Computer Fraud and Abuse Act may be set to get a lot worse. Here's why.

Terms & Conditions: Dailymotion protects your privacy better than YouTube

When it comes to terms of service and privacy policy, Dailymotion may have YouTube (read: Google) beat.
Pandora: Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions: What happens on Pandora does not stay on Pandora

Pandora Internet Radio's terms of service and privacy policy explained.
Terms and Conditions: Netflix

Terms & Conditions: Netflix never said never to password sharing

Netflix remains the king of video streaming, beloved by cord cutters everywhere. But what secrets lay within Netflix's Terms of Use?
Terms and conditions: Soundcloud

Terms & Conditions: SoundCloud keeps your music yours

terms conditions waze privacy accident

Terms & Conditions: Waze is a privacy accident waiting to happen

Waze is easily one of the best GPS apps available, providing users with real-time traffic information. It's also a complete wreck when it comes to privacy.

Terms & Conditions: The Pirate Bay’s fine print is still punk rock

Considered the world's most illegal website by the establishment, The Pirate Bay does adhere to one traditional business norm: It has a terms of service.

Terms & Conditions: Mailbox app is worth the wait

terms conditions ebay and h

Terms & Conditions: When it comes to privacy, eBay is the anti-Facebook

Online auction giant eBay's new User Agreement and Privacy Policy dissected so you can understand it.
terms conditions vine  h

Terms & Conditions: Shoot all the Vine porn you want – it’s allowed

Terms and Conditions MEGA

Terms & Conditions: What’s in your Mega account? Don’t ask, don’t tell

Terms and Conditions Yelp

Terms & Conditions: Yelp owns your business – forever

Terms & Conditions Foursquare privacy policy

Terms & Conditions: If you care about privacy, don’t use Foursquare

Tumblr privacy policy terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions: Every company should copy Tumblr

T&C Snapchat

Terms & Conditions: Snapchat’s privacy policy has too many secrets

Terms & Conditions Digg privacy policy

Terms & Conditions: Nothing you do on Digg is private

Terms and Conditions vimeo video hosting service

Terms & Conditions: Vimeo’s terms follow you across the Web

twitpic terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions: Twitpic holds your photos hostage

uber terms and conditions header car taxi service

Terms & Conditions: Use Uber ‘at your own risk’