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Troubleshooting Earth

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It’s no secret that humans are killing the planet. Some say it’s actually so bad that we’re hurtling toward a sixth major extinction event– one which we ourselves are causing. But can technology help us undo the damage we’ve already done and save us from ourselves? At this very moment, there are a handful of massive, ambitious, and potentially world-changing projects underway that could help us save the planet. Will they be enough? In this series, we explore some of the most innovative, enterprising, and downright creative attempts to wield technology as a weapon in the fight against climate change. Let the troubleshooting begin.

Using machines that resemble jet engines, Climeworks wants to fight climate change by extracting CO2 from thin air. The gas can then be sold to carbonated drink and agriculture companies, or sequestered underground.
In 2013, Boyan Slat crowdfunded $2.2 million to fund the Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit organization that builds big, floating trash collectors and sets them out to sea, where they’re designed to autonomously gobble up garbage.
ocean cleanup project boyan slat interview bird plastic feat
You’ve almost certainly heard of the 'farm to fork' movement, but what about 'lab to table'? Welcome to the fast-evolving world of lab-grown meat. Is this the future of food as we know it?
is lab grown meat real life or it just delicious fantasy cultured beef 02
In order to transition to a more renewable-focused energy system, we need to scale up our grid storage capacity --- and our existing methods aren't going to cut it. Could compressed air be the key?
hydrostor grid of the future feat
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