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assassins creed valhalla

Ubisoft’s digital E3-style showcase will stream on July 12

Ubisoft Forward, a digital presentation, will stream on July 12 and showcase the publisher’s titles for holiday 2020 and beyond.
Civilization VI: Rise & Fall hands-on preview

Civilization VI to get season pass, bimonthly content updates through March 2021

Sid Meier's Civilization VI to get six new content updates before March 2021 as part of the New Frontier Pass.

NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital using Google Nest to monitor coronavirus patients

Mount Sinai, one of New York City’s hospitals hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, is using Google's Nest cameras to monitor patients and improve safety.
iphone 11

Details for the entire iPhone 12 lineup have leaked

New leaks suggest Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 could be considerably less expensive than the iPhone 11, while also doubling the lineup's base storage to 128GB.
Xbox Series X

Xbox botched the Series X game showcase, but there’s still hope

The Xbox Series X First Look at initial gameplay on the next-generation console underwhelmed the avid fan base, but that doesn't mean fans should lose hope.
animal crossing new horizons black market animalcrossing blackmarket illustration articleversion 200504

The dark(ish) underbelly of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons has spawned an adorably dark underworld full of stalk market manipulation, character trafficking, and bouncers