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coronavirus render stylized image

Coronavirus hasn’t peaked, but data shows our interest in it definitely has

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the United States, search interest in the virus and terms surrounding it has faded considerably, as much as 93%.

Sony’s buy-in shows just how monstrous Epic Games has become

Epic Games has grown to an $18 billion beast, with reaches in all areas of the entertainment industry -- and a new $250 million investment from Sony.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Rape allegations rock competitive Super Smash Bros. community

Prominent Super Smash Bros. stars -- including top player Nairo and famed commentators D1, Keitaro and Cinnpie -- have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Next-gen game prices are jumping to $70. It’s about time.

Next-generation consoles are expected to bring about the first software price increase in 18 years. It could be a great, and overdue, thing for the industry.
gta online heists gallery 22

GTA makes a run for gaming’s triple crown — and will likely achieve it

The legendary franchise has redefined what success is in the gaming industry and could become a staple game across three console generations.
twitch dr disrespect ban faq yt thumb

Twitch reportedly bans Dr Disrespect. What’s going on?

The controversial streamer’s channel disappeared, leading to a swirl of rumors. Here's everything we know about why he was banned and the likely consequences.
arizona state vr headset 180822 bio lab 7

Veteran game designer Tom Hall joins VR firm Resolution Games

Gaming designer Tom Hall, known for his work on Doom, looks to shake up the industry once more. He has joined virtual reality developer Resolution Studios.
Chris Avellone

Designer Chris Avellone accused of sexual assault and harassment

The video game designer and writer apologized for his actions. Developers that employed the designer have since cut ties with him.
PC Gaming Monitor with LED Lights.

Mixer was a pawn in the high-stakes game between Microsoft and Google

Through its surprise sale of Mixer to Facebook, Microsoft sacrifices its streaming platform for a bigger portion of the emerging game-streaming market.
animal crossing new horizons bug

Nintendo is stepping back from mobile games — and it’s Tom Nook’s fault

Nintendo is shifting away from making mobile games to focus on Switch titles. Its mobile presence going forward will be largely used as a marketing tool.
two people kissing with masks on illustration

How will love scenes work in post-pandemic Hollywood? A lot like they do in porn

Hollywood has devised a host of new pandemic protocols for performers. But in the adult film industry, it's business as usual for most intents and purposes.
EA Star Wars Squadrons

EA plays to its base, but swings and misses with EA Play Live

By largely ignoring next-gen platforms, EA really missed an opportunity to showcase the future at EA Play Live, despite a good showing by Star Wars: Squadrons.
gearbox owns duke nukem in settlement lawsuit header

Gearbox Software sues 3D Realms over the embattled Duke Nukem franchise

More than 10 years after Gearbox took over the Duke Nukem franchise, there are still legal hurdles to face. Gearbox has sued 3D Realms for breach of contract.

Sony leads gamers to the PS5 future by leaning on the past

Thursday’s long-awaited reveal of the PlayStation 5 blended old titles like Ratchet & Clank and Gran Turismo with new ones, as well as technological advances.
arcade1up ms pac man xmen vs street fighter marvel pinball pacman office

Ms. Pac-Man, three other titles lead Arcade 1Up’s 2020 lineup

Big Buck Hunter Pro, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel Pinball at-home arcade cabinets will be out this holiday season, along with the beloved Ms. Pacman.
FIFA 20 Squad Battles

Premier League broadcaster will use FIFA to fill stadiums with fake cheering

Sky Sports viewers can turn game-generated crowd noise on and off when matches begin airing again on June 17. It is partnering with EA Sports to fill that void.

Take-Two CEO: Hurricane Sandy helped us prepare for coronavirus pandemic

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick discusses how the game publisher has handled the shift to work from home and his long-term vision for e-sports.
WhatsApp messaging app

Tweet previews aren’t showing up in WhatsApp messages

Tweets previews, which before had been a standard feature, are no longer showing on messaging app WhatsApp. App owner Facebook blamed a glitch in Twitter's API.
Madden NFL 20

This could be the last time EA gets an NFL exclusive deal

EA's Madden will be the only football sim through 2025, but the shadow of NFL 2K looms large, and the company's days of exclusivity could be coming to an end.
Madden NFL 20

EA renews Madden exclusivity deal with NFL, NFLPA

Electronic Arts announced it has renewed its exclusivity deal with the NFL and the NFLPA, locking in Madden as the only NFL-approved football sim for years.
Dr DisRespect

PepsiCo signs endorsement deal with Dr. Disrespect, but does it realize the risks?

PepsiCo has signed a multiyear deal with streamer Dr. Disrespect that will see the popular (and controversial) livecaster promote its Mtn Dew Game Fuel product.
pac man turns 40 seven secrets pacmanniversary featureillustration 200520

Pac-Man turns 40 today. Here are 7 secrets you didn’t know about it

Pac-Man turns 40. The video game icon made his debut on May 22, 1980, but he is nowhere near over the hill. Here are seven secrets about the dot-chomping hero.
Jack Ma

Jack Ma steps down from Softbank board

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, has announced plans to step down from the board of directors of SoftBank. Ma will resign from the company effective June 25.
oculus quest finger tracking coming in 2020

Oculus Quest VR adds hand tracking for one-year anniversary

Oculus Quest VR's experimental hand-tracking feature goes to general release this week. Users spent $100 million on VR content in the first year.

Minecraft tops 200 million sales as it dominates the YouTube charts

Minecraft is hitting some significant milestones these days. The 11-year-old game still lures 126 million players per month and tops YouTube views in 2019.
Redd in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing fans are asking: Where in the world is Redd?

Scores of Animal Crossing players are trying to build out their art museums but say Redd, the shifty art dealer, isn't showing up on their islands often enough.
A man taking a picture of the EA logo.

Electronic Arts CEO: We’re in no hurry to return to our offices

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson discusses preparation and response to the coronavirus pandemic, and how they are keeping players engaged from home.
Fallout 76 Review-in-Progress

You can try Fallout 76 for free this weekend. Here’s how

The Fallout 76 free-to-play weekend hopes to highlight recent Wastelanders expansion, lure back lost players.
MoKo case

Trump extends Huawei ban until next May

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei is still seen as a national security risk by the Trump administration.
The ISS above Earth.

Here’s how much SpaceX and Boeing will save NASA

NASA report on Commercial Crew programs says SpaceX and Boeing will save the agency $20-$30 billion.
Amazon packages on a conveyer belt

Amazon Prime might be returning to two-day shipping soon

Amazon has done away with shipping restrictions on nonessential items, which could indicate a slowing or end to the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Uber is making drivers take selfies to prove they’re wearing face masks

Uber announces new safety procedures for riders and drivers as it expects business to increase. Drivers and riders will both be required to wear masks.
Quibi Logo

Jeffrey Katzenberg blames all of Quibi’s problems on the coronavirus

Quibi has been a flop since its April 6 launch. Jeffrey Katzenberger says it’s entirely because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates: ‘I wish I had done more’ to warn about coronavirus

Microsoft founder and philanthropist voices regrets about not convincing global leaders of global threat of pandemics.