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Animal Crossing fans are asking: Where in the world is Redd?

Forget finding Raymond — the hardest task in Animal Crossing: New Horizons these days is tracking down Redd.

As scores of players strive to build out their art museums and collect statues and paintings, they’re finding that the sole — and often shifty — supplier of art is an irregular visitor to their island, at best.

While some visitors, like turnip seller Daisy Mae or musician K.K. Slider, stop by islands on a weekly basis, Redd plays hard to get. And unless you’re an obsessive player, there’s a good chance you’ll miss his visits.

Redd is not a guaranteed visitor each week. His appearances are part of a random group of five visitors who can appear each week — and if you’ve unlocked all of the random visitors, you’ll only get two per week (the other five days of the week are filled with regular visitors like the rug-selling camel Saharah).

This is driving some players batty.

#AnimalCrossing gripe incoming. Why is Crazy Redd not guaranteed every week? I've not had him in 2 weeks now, how are we meant to fill our damn museum if he turns up so infrequently. And even then, you can get repeat real paintings. Frustrating.

— Master Trainer Peter (@PFulkerPT) May 18, 2020

So I'm curious. How many times has Redd been to your island? I've only seen him once and that was a couple days after the update #animalcrossing #animalcrossingnewhorizons #acnh #dodocodes #redd

— Daryl Savage (@DarylSavage14) May 18, 2020

When Redd hasn’t shown up to your island in over a month #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch

— Cheese Shorti (@lizccgrant) May 18, 2020

WHERE THE HELL IS REDD #animalcrossing #ACNH

— 『meme loop』???? (@meme_loop_) May 18, 2020

Every day I check for Redd and every day he is not there… #acnh #animalcrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions

— Lauren // She Ra Spoilers! (@Witch_Leaves) May 18, 2020

Some Reddit users say they haven’t seen the character for more than 25 days.

For longtime Animal Crossing fans, Redd’s scarcity is especially frustrating, as the character used to be a guaranteed weekly visitor in some versions of the game.

And given the size of the gallery that curator Blathers wants to build (with 43 pieces of collectible art), Redd’s infrequent visits make accomplishing that goal a near-impossible task, even with regular play. Even more frustrating is that Redd often sells forgeries, meaning it’ll take even longer to complete your museum.

Several Reddit users have crunched the numbers, and while estimates vary, all agree it will take several years to finish the museum at the current spawn rate.

So unless Redd starts showing up more often, Blathers is going to have a near-empty art wing for a while.

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