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Fahmida Y. Rashid

Former Digital Trends Contributor
new apple tv runs on ios 4 2 and can be jailbroken thumb

New Apple TV runs on iOS 4.2 and can be jailbroken

yahoo refreshes mail search thumb

Yahoo refreshes Mail, Search

facebook officially announces geolocation product fb places

Facebook Places checks in to UK

nielsen bing continues to gain search share

Microsoft wants Facebook user data to improve Bing

google shows off android 2 os says 100k phones sold per day thumb

Android gains market share, everyone else loses

adobe aggressively bringing flash to smartphones but not iphone logo

Adobe previews Square, a 64-bit Flash plugin

skyhook sues google over location patents and contracts iphone

Skyhook sues Google over location patents and contracts

rumor apple to announce newspaper subscription service ipad thumb

Rumor: Apple to announce newspaper subscription service

intel unveils appup online app store thumbnail

Intel unveils AppUp online app store

microsoft issues record number of patches logo

Microsoft overlooks four Stuxnet zero-day bugs in Patch Tuesday

google instant offers predictive searches as you type

Google teases social networking plans

redsigned page

Twitter grows up, gets a multimedia makeover

bing overtakes yahoo for no 2 in search thm

Bing overtakes Yahoo for No. 2 in search


Czech privacy watchdog blocks Google Street View

Consumer Reports still says no to the iPhone 4

best att phones iphone 3gs

Report: smartphone owners willing to pay for apps

black friday ads best 2009 deals and sales walmart buy sears store

Wal-Mart launches low-cost wireless plan; data still pricey

adobe talks flash 10 1 and apples html5 obsession player icon

Adobe Flash under fire with another zero-day exploit

Apple to launch Wi-Fi iPad in China Friday

live on youtube brings video streaming to masses

Live on YouTube brings live video streaming to masses

for sale godaddy asking 1 billion or best offer go daddy

For sale: GoDaddy, asking $1 billion or best offer

videogame sales slump further in august but xbox 360 is king

Videogame sales slump further in August, but Xbox 360 is king

adobe resurrects flash tool after apple about face

Adobe resurrects Flash tool after Apple about-face

how to avoid online scams theft and rip offs computer virus

Symantec finds new worm with ‘Here you have’ e-mails

adobe acrobat and reader under attack with a zero day exploit

Adobe Acrobat and Reader under attack with a zero-day exploit

Pepsi plucks tech startups for PepsiCo10 incubator program

dell announces end of the road for xp windows

Dell announces end of the road for Windows XP

jailbreak ios 4 1 twitter iphone jailbrake

Jailbreak iOS 4.1: Hackers quickly find an exploit for 4.1

youtube launches vacationer travel channel

YouTube launches Vacationer travel channel

Study: Cybercrime hits two-thirds Internet users