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Windows Phone 7 will be GSM only; CDMA in 2011

AT&T is mobile device central, with the iPhone, iPad, and three forthcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

New Apple TV runs on iOS 4.2 and can be jailbroken

News of a jailbroken Apple TV may not be as far off as we originally thought.

HDCP cracked; opens door for DRM-free HD boxes

Hackers have been busy, first breaking Apple's iOS, and now HDCP.

Yahoo refreshes Mail, Search

Yahoo hasn’t had a good few days but it hopes that sunny days are ahead with a few tweaks to its product lineup.

Facebook Places checks in to UK

UK Facebook users can now share information about where they are to friends and stalkers alike.

Microsoft wants Facebook user data to improve Bing

Facebook might allow Microsoft access to its anonymous user data to refine Bing results. This would really make things difficult for Google.