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Ian Bell

I work with the best people in the world and get paid to play with gadgets. What's not to like?

Apple Releases iOS Patch to Fix PDF Vulnerability

Apple quickly responds to reports of a PDF vulnerability with a patch fix available for iOS 4.0x and iOS 3.2x.
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Viewers Could See Google Ads on DirecTV Soon

Google will soon begin selling ads on 11 cable networks carried by the satellite operator DirecTV.

Shopkick Beams Coupons to Your Phone as You Walk Through the Mall

Imagine having coupons beamed to your phone while you browse shops at the mall. Shopkick is making this a reality.

2011 Volkwagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta gets a more refined look for 2011 including technology like Bluetooth and push button start.

Malware Threat Hits All-Time High Says McAfee

According to McAfee, malware production is climbing and getting more complicated in how they steal consumer information.

Apple’s Head of Hardware Engineering is Out

In the wake of Apple's iPhone 4 reception problems, department head Mark Papermaster is leaving the company. No word on whether he left on his own or not.

Droid X Gets Froyo in September, EVO 4G Leaked ROM Fix Available

Droid X users will be able to get their FROYO update this September according to a Motorola rep who posted a support forum.
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NY Attorney General Sues Samsung, Sharp and Others for LCD Price Fixing

Samsung, Sharp and Toshiba are among several LCD TV manufacturers being targeted by New York's Attorney General for price fixing.
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Jays a-Jays Three Review

Jays a-Jays Three Review.

T-Mobile Continues to Flounder, Loses 93,000 Customers

T-Mobile continues to bleed customers as people switch to more high profile companies like Verizon and AT&T in search for better phones and bandwidth.

Dish to Let Users Stream Live TV to iPad, Blackerry, Android

Dish will soon let subscribers stream live TV to their Apple iPad, iPod, Blackberry and Android based phones.

T3 Motion’s GT3 Hybrid Car Built Around Apple iPad

The GT3 by T3 Motion is an electric car that takes advantage of the Apple iPad by using it as it's central information hub.