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toshiba mn series hdds hard drive disk computer storage

Hard disks from Toshiba and HGST make it through 2016 without a drive failure

Cloud storage provider Backblaze released its drive reliability numbers 2016, and two drive makers made it a full year without any failures.
planet coaster death star ride starwarsrollercoaster

An ambitious Planet Coaster player has turned the Death Star into a killer roller coaster

An ambitious Steam user has turned one of the most famous movie sequences in film history into a killer roller coaster.
Asus ROG PG258Q

The blazing 240Hz gaming monitor from Asus set to hit shelves in February

Asus' latest ROG monitor will hit store shelves in February, bringing a 240Hz refresh rate to the market for the first time.
fbi warning internet connected toys 50106167  flag of painted on brick wall

Gamergate investigation let suspects off with warnings, despite violent threats

Thanks to a FOIA request, the FBI has released a report on the investigation into the Gamergate fiasco -- but it has been heavily redacted.
windows surface hub delayed 2016 microsoft 4284 cropped a

Microsoft doubles down on 84-inch Surface Hub with a guided tour of its internals

In the wake of the Surface Studio’s reception, Microsoft has doubled down on the Surface Hub -- the massive 84-inch digital whiteboard.
Razer Deathadder Elite

Razer could be planning to put flexible OLED displays in your keyboard and mouse

Razer recently filed a patent application which aims to take its Chroma LED effects to the next level -- by putting LCD screens in keyboards.
gmail app

New phishing scam has high success rate against tech-savvy Gmail users

A new phishing scheme aims to use your contact list against you by pilfering your inbox to compromise your friends, family, and co-workers.
overwatch floating health bars best products 2016 v4

Latest 'Overwatch' update brings floating health bars to the public test realm

Overwatch players were treated to a number of updates over the holiday season, but Blizzard has turned an eye toward esports spectators.
apple smart glasses rumor google glass diane von furstenberg 14

Apple could be planning new wearables, starting with Carl Zeiss smart glasses

It appears that Apple might be getting in on the smart glasses game, a risky market in which Google famously failed with its botched Google Glass project.
Apple Pay

Look out Surface Studio: Apple device shipments could outpace Windows’ in 2017

Microsoft unveiled new and interesting products this year, but it looks like Apple might be poised to overtake the Windows juggernaut in 2017.
electron algorithms less accurate atom model

Computational models are getting better, and worse, at predicting electron behavior

An international group of researchers has discovered that certain computational models might not be as accurate as they should be.
trendnet usb type c hubs ces 2017 and adapters 0001

Trendnet’s horde of USB Type-C adapters help old and new devices work together

Trendnet unveiled a new lineup of USB Type-C adapters to make your life easier by bridging the gap between your new devices and your old ones.
windows update

Microsoft's upcoming revamp of Windows 10 user interface aims for consistency

Windows 10 is in for a series of small changes thanks to Microsoft’s Project Neon, a revamp of the familiar user interface, with lots of flashy details.
Norton Core Lifestyle Furnishing 2

Symantec doubles down on network security with the Norton Core, a stylish home router

Securing your home network is more important than ever, especially with all the smart-home devices on the market, and Symantec is planning to help you out.
bitdefender box 2 bitdefenderbox feat

Bitdefender’s Box 2 promises to be the security solution for your smart home

Promising unparalleled protection from fraud, phishing, and network attacks, the Box 2 could be the security solution for your superconnected smart home.
amd schedules computex 2017 press event vega likely chip feat

AMD takes aim at HDR gaming, high-end PC market with FreeSync 2 tech

AMD hopes to build on the success of the existing technology by introducing some new features that will make high-end PC gaming a little easier.
A user entering a password.

2016 was the year internet security died – so what can you do about it?

2016 is the year that made hacking feel routine. Talk of state-supported hackers, stolen emails, and compromised passwords has become commonplace.
HTC VIVE Best VR Headset

Wireless HTC Vive 2 may appear at CES 2017, rumors claim

According to rumors out of Taiwan, the next-gen HTC Vive could be wireless and feature twin 4K displays -- and we might see it at CES 2017.
Diablo 3

Blizzard celebrates 20 years of ‘Diablo’; cross-franchise event starts December 31

Twenty years ago, Diablo the Lord of Terror first invaded PCs, and in celebration of nearly a quarter century, he’s invading a few other worlds.
A Windows 10 laptop sitting atop a desk.

Windows 10 users could see a performance-enhancing ‘game mode’

Microsoft might have a few surprises in store for us in the coming months, once the Creators Update comes out -- including a new “game mode” for Windows 10.
8th gen intel core launch

Overclocker pushes Intel Core i7-7700K past 7GHz, aided by liquid nitrogen

An overclocker managed to push a Kaby Lake Core i7 to 7GHz, and while the overclock was reportedly bench stable, it’s not exactly for the faint of heart.
lg ultra fine 5k apple display ultrafine

Apple extends special pricing on new LG UltraFine 5K display till March 2017

LG’s latest megadisplay, the UltraFine 5K, went on sale earlier recently and it’s already backordered into late January.
Netgear Nighthawk R7000

It may be time to turn off your router: Netgear confirms security vulnerability

A security vulnerability affecting a number of Netgear brand routers surfaced Friday, allowing hackers to seize control of your home or office network.
microsoft edge click to run flash header

Microsoft plans to lock Adobe Flash in a cage and throw away the key

Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Adobe Flash and in the next version of the Edge browser, you will have a little more control over it.
lg announces 4k hdr monitors monitor 34um79

LG announces new 4K HDR monitors, might be trading HDMI for USB Type-C

In the run-up to CES 2017, LG has unveiled the latest in its high-end monitor lineup, the 32UD99, and the 34UM79M.
enisa encryption report condemns backdoors protects your most private data

EU report condemns law enforcement backdoors in consumer electronics

The report concludes that the inclusion of such backdoors in consumer electronics puts regular citizens at risk, and may even undermine national security.
Corsair Force Series MP500

Corsair unveils new range of SSDs, calls them the fastest it’s ever produced

Hardware manufacturer Corsair announced a new range of solid-state drives that it claims will deliver unparalleled performance in a very small form factor.
amd confirms polaris as next gen gpu hdmi 2 0a support and big efficiency gains amdcarrizo

AMD unveils Radeon Instinct, a powerful GPU designed for machine learning

The Radeon Instinct is designed for high-performance machine learning, using a brand new open-source library for GPU accelerators called MIOpen.
Acer Predator 15 review

Acer Predator 15 review

MK2 VR Multiplex

Fly like a bird in Europe’s largest, trendiest — and only — VR multiplex

French cinema operator MK2 opened Europe’s largest permanent VR space Friday, allowing visitors to experience premium full-body VR.
Lenovo Thinkpad-13 Chromebookiretag

New functionality allows students to log into a Chromebook with just a badge

In an effort to expand the educational functionality of the Chromebook, Google announced a new feature set for the budget education notebooks.
AVA Direct Avant P750DM2

AVADirect Avant P750DM2-G review


No human touch needed: Computers learn new way to recognize natural sound

A group of researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have pioneered a new way to teach computers to recognize sound.
surface dial teardown

Careful with that Surface Dial — iFixit teardown reveals it’s a pain to repair

Underneath that smooth silvery exterior lurks a dark secret: the Surface Dial is kind of a pain to repair.