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Office Windows Phone

Poll: Windows Phone is finally dead, are you going to miss it?

This week Microsoft put the final nail in the Windows Phone's coffin, conceding the mobile marketplace to Apple's iOS and Google's Android.
thinkpad 25th anniversary list lenovo 25

The weirdest, coolest, and most influential ThinkPads of the last 25 years

ThinkPads have earned a reputation for reliability thanks in part to the careful engineering that goes into every one -- even the weird ones.
Windows Mixed Reality headset samsung hmd odyssey

What is Windows Mixed Reality? It’s simpler than you think

What is Windows Mixed Reality? Microsoft's new platform for virtual and augmented reality platforms is simpler than it sounds.

Yahoo’s 2013 data breach is worse than believed — 3 billion users were affected

Verizon has confirmed that all 3 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised in a 2013 hack, making it the largest data breach in history. 
A close up of a person's hands typing on a laptop.

Do Macs always apply firmware updates properly? No, but there's a fix

It looks like Macs don't always apply updates correctly and you might be missing out on firmware patches that could leave your Mac vulnerable.
Google Pixel - smallest smartphones

What are you hoping to see unveiled at Google’s October 4 event?

The leaves are changing, the pumpkin spice latte is available at Starbucks, and Google is holding a big event -- Fall has officially arrived.
Windows Mixed Reality controllers on

Samsung's leaked mixed reality headset gives us a peek at the future of PC VR

Proving yet again that every product will inevitably be leaked, photos of Samsung's mixed reality headset showed up on Twitter.
poll levis smart jacket jaquard fabric

Would you pay $350 for Levis’ new smart jacket?

Would you buy a smart jacket for $350? What if it had a few tricks up its sleeve? Or rather, on its sleeve.
siri and spotlight search

Apple cozies up to Google with Siri and Spotlight search results

Google is now the default search engine for Siri and Spotlight on iOS and MacOS. But Bing will continue to serve up image results.
Parallels 13 review

Parallels 13 review

Sometimes Mac users need Windows apps, and when that day comes, they’re faced with a decision our Parallels 13 review hopes to answer.
Close-up of hands on a laptop keyboard in a dark room.

You might be among those hit by the Equifax hack. How will you protect yourself?

The Equifax hack jeopardized the personal information of some 143 million Americans. What steps are you taking to protect yourself?
MacOS High Sierra

MacOS High Sierra Review

MacOS High Sierra makes major changes to the file system that forms it bones. Yet you might not be able to notice a difference.
travis strikes back interview again duel

Goichi Suda talks building ‘Travis Strikes Again’ in the long shadow of Zelda

We sat down with Travis Strikes Again director Goichi “Suda51” Suda to discuss the important issues of the day: Zelda, Smash Bros, and indie games.
Dell Visor

Dell's mixed reality 'Visor' goes up for pre-order in time for the holidays

The Dell mixed reality Visor is now available for pre-order, just in time for the holiday season -- Halloween is a holiday, technically.
apple event poll september 2017 topics feature

It's September, so it's Apple Event time, what are you looking forward to?

It's finally here! The big Apple event, and the unveiling of the iPhone X. Time to check the trade-in price on your beat-up iPhone 7.
Asus G11DF review hero

Asus G11DF gaming desktop review

Inexpensive PC gaming used to mean bad PC gaming, but not anymore. Our Asus G11DF review shows just how far you can get on a shoestring budget.
razer blade pro 2017 review hero2

Razer Blade Pro (2017) review

Razer’s name is synonymous with high-quality gaming systems, and the Blade Pro sits at the tip-top of its lineup. Let’s see if it lives up to its reputation.
Best Indie Games of PAX West 2017

Get ready to get weird with the best indie games of PAX West 2017

Indie games have always been a big part of PAX, but this year brought out some of the best we’ve seen. Our picks for Best Indie Games of PAX West 2017.
virgin media sparrow destiny 2

The Traveler needs us! Which noble steed will you ride to battle in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is almost here, and for the first time, Bungie's celebrated not-quite-an-MMO is coming to PC in addition to PS4 and Xbox One.
Razer Blade Pro

Razer carves out a place for budget-minded gamers with new Blade Pro

Good news for laptop gamers, and their wallets, as Razer announces a new configuration for its top-end 17.3-inch Blade Pro laptop.
Horizon Zero Dawn Development

Can you blame a bad game on a shoddy engine? Developers say, no way!

Do bad game engines make bad games? Guerrilla Games and Motiga set the record straight.
how to install windows 10 fonts

Microsoft releases more Windows Insider Builds ahead of the Fall Creators Update

With the Fall Creators Update coming soon, Microsoft has ramped up production of Windows Insider builds, releasing yet another one this week.
Samsung T5 SSD review

Samsung T5 SSD review

Our Samsung T5 SSD review proves Samsung is still the undisputed champ of lightning-fast, impossibly-small hard drives.
windows 10 s

Microsoft swings back at Consumer Reports for pulling Surface recommendations

Consumer Reports cited concerns over the Surface Laptop's remarkably high failure rate in its statement summarizing its decision.
Acer Predator XB2 review hero game

Acer Predator XB272 gaming monitor review

Our Acer Predator XB272 review puts the monitor’s absurd 240Hz refresh rate through its paces. Do you really need a display this fast?

Watch out, Skype! We tried Discord’s new video chat, and it’s awesome

A chill wind rises, and grim tidings are on the lips of video chat apps the world over: Discord’s video chat is here.
underwater data center

Microsoft wants your cloud storage to sleep with the fishes, literally

A recent patent filing illustrates just how Microsoft would keep your data safe in its newfangled underwater data centers.
Google Earth

The new Google Earth wants to take you on a voyage, and it starts at home

Originally, Google Earth was just a satellite-imaging app, but a relaunch aims to show you the Earth from a different perspective.
Asus ROG Zephyrus backside of laptop with gleam of light reflecting off it

Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VI Gaming Laptop Review

Does the Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VI shed the conventions of the gaming laptop market to pioneer a new breed of gaming laptop? Almost, but not quite.
BenQ EX3200R review screen

BenQ EX3200R gaming monitor review

BenQ EX3200R Review: Can a $400 gaming monitor really stand up to some of the best curved ultrawides on the market? Turns out that’s the least it can do.

Leaks hint Intel is working on quad-cores for lightweight, 13-inch laptops

Retail listings suggest that Intel may have plans to release a new line of low-power quad-core i5 processors before the end of year. 
FCC's historic decision on Net neutrality

On the Net Neutrality Day of Action, the internet will band together to protect dank memes

On July 12, your web browsing experience might seem a bit off thanks to the Net Neutrality Day of Action -- but it's for a good cause.
Velocity Micro Raptor M60 hero

Velocity Micro Raptor M60 Gaming Desktop Review

Samsung Notebook 9 screen

Samsung Notebook 9 review

Our Samsung Notebook 9 review reveals performance, battery life, weight, and the overall value of this thin and light $1,200 laptop.