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best graphics card for gaming

AMD announces two new VPs of Radeon graphics, filling void left by Raja Koduri

Remember when AMD's graphics chief left for Intel? AMD has announced the appointment of two new Senior Vice Presidents to take over and assuage fears that Radeon's development might suffer such a high-profile loss.
Samsung 860 Pro review

Samsung 860 Pro review

Samsung’s latest high capacity SSD leaked a bit ahead of schedule, but there’s more to the 860 Pro than its hardware and a hefty price tag.
Bitcoin Cash

Federal regulators file fraud charges against three bitcoin operators

Following an already rough month for bitcoin, three U.S. virtual currency operators have been charged with fraud by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
senate surveillance reauthorization 2017

U.S. Senate approves the renewal of a warrantless surveillance program

The U.S. Senate today voted to approve the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017, which expands the U.S. government's ability to pursue warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens.
macbook air

5 ways the MacBook Air changed laptops forever

In honor of the MacBook Air's tenth anniversary, we're taking a look at the original and how it changed what we expect from our laptops.
origin millenium desktop review angle

Want a high-end gaming PC? Origin’s Millennium proves you should go custom

There's a reason computers like the Origin Millennium charge a high price for their premium gaming hardware. It's the cost of craftsmanship.
origin millenium desktop review angle

Feast your eyes on the 5 best desktops of CES 2018

While they might not be as eye-catching as a pair of AR glasses, here are the best desktops we've seen at CES 2018.
GTX 1070 Ti

Nvidia’s latest software update helps protect your system from ‘Spectre’

Nvidia is coming to rescue, protect your system against the Spectre exploit -- to make sure its drivers can’t be used against you.

These are the best monitors of CES 2018

Confused by all the monitors announced at CES 2018? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are the five best monitors unveiled at CES 2018.

The best laptops of CES 2018

At CES 2018, there are even more laptops to talk about than usual. Here are our picks for the best laptops of CES 2018.
Lenovo Miix 630 Review

Best Qualcomm-powered laptops of CES 2018

At CES 2018, we're all getting a closer look at Qualcomm's new breed of laptop, and here are some of our favorites.

HTC’s Vive Pro gets sharp enough to read text, goes wireless

What's better than an HTC Vive? Well, a lot of things, but the newly announced Vive Pro could change all that and more.

Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415 & D435 review

Intel has entered the premium-webcam arena with an unusual offering, the RealSense D415 and D435 cameras — but there’s more to these cams than meets the eye.
origin millenium desktop review dp front

Origin Millennium gaming desktop review

Origin has made some of our favorite high-end gaming rigs in the past. Let’s find out if the 2018 Origin Millennium puts another feather in its cap.
HTC Vive Tracker Review

HTC Vive Tracker Review

The HTC Vive Tracker is weird. It looks like a futuristic hockey puck, but what it does is even stranger — it brings physical objects into VR.
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (Late 2017) review open angle

Why your gaming laptop’s GPU doesn’t matter as much as you think

Quick question: What’s the most important component in a good gaming laptop? You might be surprised, let’s take a closer look.
dell inspiron 15 7000 late 2017 review 899

Dell Inspiron 15 7577 Gaming Review

The latest Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming aims to prove budget gaming laptops are here to stay -- as long as you don’t mind making a few compromises.
LG 34UM95 review monitor rear logo

LG’s three new cutting-edge Nano IPS monitors will wow your eyeballs

Ahead of CES 2018, LG has revealed a few upcoming monitors -- which use cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled detail and fidelity.
Windows Insider Update

The latest Windows Insider update lets you travel through time — sort of

Microsoft rolled out a new Windows Insider Update with a new feature called "Timeline" -- which allows you to glimpse into the past.
mac gaming lifestyle

Why gaming on MacOS is dead forever and never coming back

MacOS gaming has one foot in the grave. Who is responsible for its current, sorry state? As it turns out, there’s plenty of blame to go around.
how to download MacOS High Sierra

Anyone can log into your Mac without your password — here’s how to fix it

The MacOS High Sierra vulnerability revealed on Twitter has been patched, so make sure you apply your updates from the Mac App Store.
Apple iPhone X FaceID TrueDepth Camera

Apple obtains patent that could bring FaceID to the Mac and MacBook

Apple was granted a patent for a technology that could bring FaceID to the iMac and MacBook sooner rather than later.
BenQ PD3200U review

BenQ PD3200U review

Can a humble professional monitor compete with the best 4K displays on the market? Let’s dig into the BenQ PD3200U review to find out.
battlefront ii performance guide header

Crush the Rebel Alliance for good with our ‘Battlefront II’ performance guide

Battlefront II looks great, but taxes even the most powerful gaming PC. Let’s dig into our Battlefront II performance guide to find out how you can maximize your FPS.
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset review controllers

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset review

Is Acer’s VR headset really a challenger to the champions of the VR space? During our Acer Mixed Reality Headset review, we find out.
how to update iTunes

Having problems syncing your music to the cloud? Here’s how to update iTunes

If your iOS device is giving you trouble or your music collection isn't syncing to the cloud, here's a quick guide on how to update iTunes.
Moira Overwatch blizzcon

Blizzard kicks off BlizzCon 2017 with big 'Overwatch' announcements

During the BlizzCon keynote Blizzard unveiled a new Overwatch hero, a new map, and a new CG animated short starring Reinhardt.
cfpb investigation equifax hack headquarters

Equifax reopens salary search site, security expert says it’s still vulnerable

Despite Equifax's claims to the contrary, salary spying service the Work Number is still vulnerable to exploitation.
MacOS Terminal Commands

These Terminal commands will take your MacOS skills to the next level

The MacOS terminal can be a bit intimidating, but we're here to help. Here's a guided tour of the four most useful MacOS terminal commands.
Destiny 2 Press Screen 9

Destiny 2 PC performance guide

Destiny 2 is out on PC, so you can stop finally stop ducking spoilers. But can your PC run it? Our performance guide breaks it all down.
Razer Blade Stealth

Razer unveils a revamped Blade Stealth and a new external GPU, the Core V2

Good news, Razer recently refreshed its Blade Stealth lineup along with its companion the Razer Core external GPU enclosure.

Acer Switch 3 review

With a $450 price tag, Acer’s budget tablet seems like a steal. But as our Acer Switch 3 review illustrates, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
Oculus Go

Here's everything you need to know about the new Oculus headsets and software

Facebook kicked off Oculus Connect 4 today with a keynote, offering a sample platter of what we can expect from Oculus for the coming year.

You can strap HP’s Omen X desktop on your back for ultimate VR immersion

At an event in Beijing on Tuesday, HP unveiled a brand-new lineup of Omen gaming desktops, laptops -- and yes, even a backpack PC.