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High tech and high class: How luxury hotels are embracing technology

Turn up the music, turn down the lights, and start a movie – with the swipe of a finger. Here’s how high-tech room controls are making your next luxury hotel room classier than ever.
Home Theater

How to set up an A/V receiver

Learn how to set up an A/V receiver easily and correctly with our simple, step-by-step guide to taming your home theater’s intimidating mission control.

Spring cleaning for your computer and gadgets

Give yourself a fresh digital slate this year with our spring cleaning tips for your computer and gadgets.

Safety on the Internet: How to protect your children

Keeping kids safe online is no easy task in an age of growing screen time, both on computers and mobile devices like smartphones. These simple tips and ideas make it possible to protect children without cutting off the Internet entirely.

The best iPad apps for kids

Try the best iPad apps for kids to keep your little ones entertained and even sharpen their minds as they play.
Buying Guides

Spring break gadgets and gear under $200

Make the most of your week in the sun with these useful, fun and just plain cool spring break gadgets and tech gear, including some cheaper than a tank of gas.