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Terry Walsh

Terry Walsh

Terry Walsh is a British-born technology writer living in Canada, whose first computer was a cherished 48k ZX Spectrum. Alongside his smart home coverage at Digital Trends, his published work includes an extensive series of books on Windows, Windows Server, and Mac OS Server.

spooky halloween lighting haunted house

How to create spooky Halloween effects with smart home lighting and sound

Up your Halloween decorating game this year by using smart home lighting and sounds to spook your neighbors and trick-or-treaters.
Amazon Echo Show 5 review

Amazon Echo Show 5 review: Not just a smart alarm clock

Amazon's entry-level Echo Show 5 is a great smart display with an aggressively low price. Place it on your bedside, but don’t call it a smart alarm clock.
Netgear Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 Review: A smart security choice

Enhanced video quality, color night vision, and smart A.I. features make the weatherproof and wireless Arlo Pro 3 a top pick for smart home surveillance.
abode starter kit review upright front

Abode Starter Kit review

Abode's basic, entry-level hardware disappoints, but we still find lots to like about Abode's smart home security platform, namely it's ability to play well across all platforms, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Find out more in our Abode Starter Kit review.
iRobot Roomba S9

iRobot Roomba s9 Plus Review: A nearly perfect robot

Packed with the latest technology, iRobot's top of the range Roomba delivers leading-edge features like a self-emptying dust bin, smart multi-floor mapping and super-simple app control. But in terms of cleaning performance, it's simply the best robot vacuum you can buy on the market today.
swann 4k ultra hd nvr security system review 9f

Swann 4K Ultra HD NVR Security System review

Swann's six-camera smart home security system impresses with sleek lines, a sturdy build, and a swath of advanced features, including 4K UHD video, color night vision, integrated heat and motion detection, spotlights, sirens and more. The mobile app leaves a lot to be desired, however.
Wyze Sense Starter Kit review

Wyze Sense Starter Kit review

The Wyze Sense Starter Kit packs impossibly small motion and entry sensors and innovative network bridge in a low-cost, high-performance security bundle for Wyze Cam owners. Our Wyze Sense Starter Kit review answers whether this is the budget security setup you’ve been waiting for.
defender 4k wired security system impressions 5

Defender 4K Wired Security System impressions: First-class video, economy app

Defender 4K is a budget 4K smart home security system that offers pin-sharp UHD imaging and dedicated network video storage at a bargain price. But despite boasting leading-edge video, Defender 4K feels dated, lacking the ease of use and advanced features we expect from modern smart home systems.
RemoBell S

RemoBell S impressions: A new standard for budget smart doorbells

The new RemoBell S is an altogether more value-oriented proposition than its predecessor, and sets a new standard for budget smart doorbells. It drops the RemoBell W’s integrated PIR in favor of video-based motion detection and adds a slightly wider, 180-degree field of vision.
eufy security video doorbell t8200 review 1

Eufy Security Video Doorbell review: Why pay more?

Anker’s UHD video doorbell delivers pin-sharp imaging and capable performance at a low price and without recurring subscriptions. While it lacks the premium quality of devices like Nest Hello, it’s still a worthy contender.
remobell w video doorbell impressions 1

RemoBell W impressions: A simple smart doorbell that fails to shine

The $199 RemoBell W, the Remo+ brand’s most expensive bell, features a 1080p Full HD camera with night vision, two-way talk, PIR motion sensor, and a wide, 160-degree field of view. It's high price, disappointing video quality, and a lack of features found on other doorbells means it fails to deliver.
Abode Iota Starter Kit.

Abode Iota Starter Kit review

Abode’s second-generation starter kit is a huge leap forward from last year’s model, with a fresh design, integrated 1080p camera, motion sensors, and more. It’s super-simple to get up and running, while offering an array of accessories for users seekeing greater sophistication.
hive active thermostat review feat

Hive Active Thermostat Review

The compact Hive Active Thermostat looks good, is easy to install, and offers simple ways to manage your HVAC system by phone or desktop. But the reliance on a Zigbee network bridge for remote control, and issues with its mirrored display, put it far behind our favorite smart thermostat. Find out more in our Hive Active Thermostat review.
alc patrol hd surveillance system review 1 feat

ALC Patrol HD Surveillance System Review

Rugged hardware, local video storage and quality imaging combine to make ALC Patrol HD a good-value multi-camera surveillance system. But poorly translated and documented software means that it’s not the simplest to work with.
Ring Peephole Cam on a blue door.

Ring Peephole Cam review

Easy to install with no physical damage, Ring Peephole Cam is the perfect smart doorbell for renters and apartment owners limited by strict lease agreements or homeowner association rules.
Anker Eufy RoboVac 11S Max review

Anker Eufy RoboVac 11S Max review

The Eufy RoboVac 11S Max offers basic, automated cleaning on a budget, with a boost in performance over its predecessor.
Ecobee SmartThermostat Review

Ecobee SmartThermostat review

The smartest thermostat gets smarter, more powerful, and more useful with enhanced audio streaming, new Alexa calling features and more. Read our Ecobee SmartThermostat review to find out why it’s a top pick for anyone considering an upgrade.
Arlo Chime

Arlo Audio Doorbell review

A lack of an integrated camera means that the Arlo Audio Doorbell isn’t as versatile as competitors, but a low price, simple installation and smart features make it an easy add-on for Arlo smart home fans. Read more in our full review.
Schlage Encode Smart Lock

Schlage Encode review

Easy to install and easy on the eyes, Schlage Encode’s integrated Wi-Fi and third-party platform support make it a fine choice for the smart home. But with other locks on the market, how does it stand up? We took it for a test run to see how well it worked.
netgear arlo ultra 4k smart camera cam feat

Arlo Ultra 4K Security Camera Review

The 4K home security camera is finally here! Class-leading image clarity and a super-wide field of vision makes Arlo Ultra an early contender for the year’s best smart cam. While there are definite quirks to the device, the device delivers amazingly crisp, clear images. Find out more in our review.
August View video doorbell

August View review

The wireless August View smart doorbell offers a step up in class from wireless competitors like Ring, but other than neat integration with the company’s range of smart locks, there’s little to differentiate it from the pack. We tested the device to see how it measures up.
reolink c2 pro smart cam review feat

Reolink C2 Pro Smart Cam Review

Five MP image quality and pan, tilt, zoom control are remarkable features in a $100 smart camera, but the Reolink C2 Pro is held back by a lack of cloud storage support and an old-school user experience. Here are the details in our full review.
lockly secure plus review press lifestyle

Lockly Secure Plus Review

With Bluetooth, an app, keypad, pin, fingerprint access and even old-school metal keys, the Lockly Secure Plus offers a dizzying array of access features, but is a little pricier and a little larger than the best value smart locks on the market today. We installed it on our front door to see how it stands up to competitors.
Gate Smart Lock

Gate Smart Lock review: beautiful, expensive, and needs work

In a world of video cameras and doorbells comes the Gate Smart Lock, a lock with an embedded video camera. It’s a great idea, but lacks some crucial functionality to make it a top-notch product. Poor audio performance and installation flaws lead to frustration. Read more in our full review.
neato botvac d4 connected review feat

Neato Botvac D4 Connected review

The Neato Botvac Connected D4 is a reasonable mid-range robot vacuum cleaner, but a high price and limited performance means it fails to compete for value with capable, low-cost competitors. Read more in our full review.
Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor review

The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor allows you to add motion control to any Hue light, boosting safety and security with a welcoming ambience on your return home. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. We took it for a test run and came away impressed.
Kwikset Kevo Convert review

Kwikset Kevo Convert review

While it lacks the features and overall value of the August Smart Lock, Kwikset’s Kevo Convert offers a friendly route to upgrade your front door’s deadbolt . It’s a simple and versatile kit for upgrading a traditional “dumb” door lock, adding smartphone control and more.
ring spotlight cam wired offset

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired review

With an integrated spotlight, crystal-clear video, and color night vision, this device makes home security a cinch. Here's why we like the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired as a great choice for outdoor home security. Get the details in our full review.
Ring Video Doorbell 2 review

Ring Video Doorbell 2 review

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 may lack the style and sophistication of premium door-dingers, but few can match its simplicity and versatility. The device, available in both wired and wireless configurations, is easy to set up and adds instant security to your front door. Find out more in our full review.
eufycam review by anker feat

EufyCam review

The EufyCam offers a great look, several home security features and is truly wireless, but with missing voice assistance and some features lacking, it’s difficult to justify its high price. Check our EufyCam review for full details on how it stacks up against competitors.
Neato Botvac D7 review

Neato Botvac D7 review

Neato’s range-topping Botvac is pricey and imperfect, delivering good cleaning performance and an evolving range of features that require more polish and upkeep than you’re probably looking for. We took the droid for some test spins around our test home. Find out more in our review.
kwikset kevo contemporary review electronic deadbolts 2

Kwikset Kevo Contemporary review

Tired of carrying around keys? Make keyless entry so easy that all you have to do is have your phone nearby to open the door. The Kwikset Kevo Contemporary has a new look and smarter insides. It’s a little pricey, but sleek lines and simple features make it a great choice for the smart home.
Tapplock one+ review

Tapplock one+ review

The Tapplock one+ smart padlock combines style and substance with sleek lines and fingerprint control while waterproofing and weather resistance deliver all-season protection. And with a battery life that supposedly lasts a year, you’ll rarely have to charge the device.
Nanoleaf Canvas review

Nanoleaf Canvas review

Fun and festive, Nanoleaf Canvas feature lighting adds personality and vibrancy to any room. Nanoleaf Canvas features squares that you can connect in any configuration you’d like. Sync to music, play games, or relax in soothing light. Read our Nanoleaf Canvas review to find out more.