Where’s my pizza? Domino’s Pizza Tracker app arrives on Pebble


When you’re craving pizza, waiting for the pie to arrive can take centuries. Sometimes you even wonder if the delivery guy got lost, had an accident, or crashed his car. Now, Domino’s new Pizza Tracker app for Pebble smartwatches takes the mystery out of pizza delivery.

The app will tell you when you placed your order, the moment it comes hot out of the oven, and when the delivery guy heads out to deliver it to your front door. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t track the pizza guy’s car, so there’s no way of knowing if he got lost or stopped at his girlfriend’s house on the way to yours, but at least you can see how long your pizza’s been out in the cold.

The app is available for Android and iOS, but it also syncs up with your Pebble smartwatch, so you can monitor your pie’s progress straight from your wrist. Of course, if you don’t like Domino’s pizza, you’re out of luck. Thankfully, there are a bunch of other pizza-related apps, including Push for Pizza, that offer more variety.

The Pizza Tracker is Domino’s first foray into wearable app making, and the chain now joins the swelling ranks of fast food restaurants that are pushing apps to their loyal customers. Taco Bell recently launched its own app, which allows users to create their own tacos and burritos from scratch.

You can download the app from the Pebble app store, Google Play Store, or iOS App Store for free.