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Help us pick the best new wearable tech concept

Here’s wearable tech you’d actually wear. In partnership with Nike, Intel, and Project Runway, Digital Trends presents FashioNXT’s first annual Wearable Technology Fashion Competition. The design that wins this competition — and ultimately breaks through in this space — will at last bring fashion, style and elegance together in a complete package, making a must-have for the wearable tech world.

Last week we picked the following three finalists, and we’ll determine a winner on Thursday, October 9, at the FashioNXT Runway Show. But we want your help! Take a minute to peruse the finalists below, and vote for your favorite. We’ll take the winner of the popular vote into account when we determine an ultimate winner.



By James Kernan

The QBracelet is a stylish bracelet designed for both men and women that has the ability to charge smartphones and other electronics. People can cord­lessly connect their devices direct to the bracelet via a connector that lies within the bracelet’s clasp. Once connected, the QBracelet is free-standing and allows for easy, unfettered phone use. Lightweight, elegant and crafted from the highest quality materials, the QBracelet comes in matte black, polished and matte silver and polished gold. The QBracelet comes in two configurations, micro-USB for Android or similar de­vices, and an Apple Lightning connector version for Apple devices. The QBracelet is available in sizes small, medium and large.

The Killers Suit


By Dillon Chen

The Killers Suit is a light emitting performance suit constructed of flexible OLEDs. De­signed for the contemporary performer or entertainer, the Killers Suit translates live sound into light and color through microphones and an Arduino micro controller. Eighteen embedded microphones pick up audience reactions as well as live music, sending data such as volume, tempo, and frequency to the Arduino mainframe. The micro controller instantly processes this data and activates each OLED. Open source software allows programmers to establish specific visual responses towards a wide range of sounds. Endless imagery and motion can be programmed into the suit.

The 314


By Theodora Koullias

Named after the first three digits of the Greek letter and mathematical symbol Pi, the 314 is a luxury leather handbag integrated with charging technology and LEDs, with an accompanying mobile app. Currently, The 314 includes a seamlessly-integrated, TSA-approved power source that allows users to charge smartphones fourteen times (or two weeks) before needing a refill. Also integrated in the hardware of handbag are LEDs that automatically light up in low ambient lighting to help with locating items inside. Most importantly, thvere is a mobile app that learns your charging behavior and automatically orders cartridge refills before you even know you need them.

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