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Children learn good habits and how to tell time with Joy's Octopus smart watch

Looking for a way to help your children learn to not only tell time but use time efficiently? Joy’s Octopus Watch utilizes an icon-based display to help teach kids good habits as well as the concept of time. The Octopus isn’t just a watch, however. The device acts as both a scheduler and a wrist assistant, allowing for ample functionality on the go.

The device is primarily intended for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years. It’s also intended to help kids with ADHD, ASD, diabetes, Down syndrome, executive functioning issues, or any child who needs frequent prompting to complete tasks or carry through with healthy habits.

The Octopus Watch pairs via Bluetooth with both iOS and Android smartphones. Parents can also use the watch’s official mobile app to set schedules and send reminders and personal notes. Three different display modes can be selected as children get older, or for children of different ages. Younger kids will likely want to use the icon-based display, which can use up to 600 stored icons. These icons denote a variety of time-sensitive actions, subtlety prompting children to brush their teeth, bathe, and feed the dog, among a host of other common tasks. As kids get older, the watch can be altered to show the analog or digital time.

The water-resistant device comes with a USB charging cable. You can also opt for the Octopus Companion — which is both a charger and a nightlight — and choose from a variety of colors (strawberry red, blue sky, lemon green, pink candy, dark gray). Indiegogo pre-orders are ongoing, with initial shipments slated for May. The standard Octopus bundle will run you $69, however, you’ll have to throw down a cool $109 for the model with the Octopus Companion.

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