LG throws its hat into the virtual reality ring with VR for G3


Oculus has one. Samsung has one. Even Google has one. With each passing day, it’s become clear that virtual reality could be every major company’s next technological foray, and LG wants to stay relevant in that conversation by announcing VR for G3.

Essentially a souped-up version of Google’s Cardboard, VR for G3 utilizes a plastic frame that, you guessed it, is powered by the LG G3. There is a cutout on the front in order to provide access to the power and volume buttons, as well as the camera. Much like Cardboard, VR for G3 uses a neodymium ring magnet that, when used in tandem with the G3’s magnetic gyroscope sensor, allows you to switch between applications and navigate menus by tilting your head a certain way.

Instead of creating its own VR platform, LG decided to leverage Google’s, allowing users to access VR experiences through the Play Store. Unfortunately, as you can probably guess from the name, it seems to be exclusive to the G3. This is a practice we’ve seen before with Samsung’s Gear VR, which only works with the company’s Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

Unlike those other VR headsets, however, LG will offer VR for G3 for free with the purchase of an LG G3. LG announced the headset will be available in “select markets” sometime this month, though no specific availability was given. Even so, anyone who ends up owning VR for G3 will receive Robobliteration, a VR game, as a free download.