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These heated boots are like smartphone-controlled radiators for your feet

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Cold feet are the worst, and while selecting the right footwear for the right conditions may sound simple, it’s often harder than it should be. Don’t worry, because technology is here to help in the shape of the Lundi boot, smart footwear designed for women to wear whatever the weather, and wherever you’re going. We’d call them cool, but they’re not. Literally.

The Lundi boots are a Kickstarter project that came about after the company’s founder, Katie Lefkowitz, found herself in Boston during one of the snowiest winters on record. Unable to just pick any footwear that completely met her needs, she teamed up with her father, Sheldon Lefkowitz, to create Lundi — stylish boots where the temperature inside can be controlled from your smartphone.

That’s right, like the radiators in your house or the heater in your car, the Lundi boots have a controllable heating element that will ensure your feet won’t be too cold or too hot. The classic black leather design means your feet won’t be wrapped in entirely unsuitable footwear, no matter the conditions or situation, either.

Katie told Digital Trends, “So far, wearables have largely ignored the tastes and needs of women, missing out on a huge potential market, and we want to solve this issue, addressing both form and function.” The result is a leather boot that’s been handcrafted by specialists in Italy, and the design penned by a footwear expert who previously worked on shoes from Proenza Schouler and Aquazzura. Each boot weighs 2.2lbs, with the element, battery, and electronics pack only contributing 0.2lbs of that figure.

Katie continued, “We started with our vision, then tested the design with tons of potential customers, modifying everything from the boot itself, to the leather, to the heel height. We’ve gone through at least ten iterations of the design itself.” Using Bluetooth 4.0 the boots link to your phone, and using an Android or iOS app, you can adjust the temperature of the heating element, raising it anywhere up to 40-degrees centigrade (105-degrees Fahrenheit).

The Lundi boots don’t have to fry your feet in the office, or if the weather suddenly warms up, and the element’s temperature can be reduced or turned off completely. Keep it on and you’ll get about six or seven hours of use, before it needs recharging. Yes, you’ll need to plug your boots in at the end of the day, and it’ll take about an hour to an hour and a half to charge up. The system is inductive — there’s no little MicroUSB socket, or something silly — and is performed by a ‘boot shaper’ tool, which fits inside the boot and locates using magnets.

Lundi’s Kickstarter campaign is underway here, and the goal is set at $55,000. The boots vary in price depending on how quickly you make your decision to purchase. The earliest of early birds will grab a pair for $250, but miss out and you’ll spend a lot more. The potential retail price is a whopping $775, and there are various price points with limited availability on the way up to that figure. They’ll be available in size 6 to 12.

It could be argued you’ll only need one pair of boots for the season, thus justifying some of the price, but that only works if you pledge not to buy any more pairs.

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