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Mobvoi brings sleep tracking to the TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

Apple is rumored to be working on sleep tracking tech for the Apple Watch, but Mobvoi is beating Apple to the punch with new sleep tracking tech for the TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE. The new features will launch as part of the new TicSleep app.

If you’re comfortable wearing a watch at night, the sleep tracking tech could actually be pretty helpful — and will work without you really having to do anything. According to Mobvoi, using artificial intelligence, TicSleep can automatically detect when you’re sleeping and start tracking. That’s different from many other sleep trackers, which require you to manually start the tracking process.

As you would expect, the TicSleep app uses the range of sensors from the TicWatch Pro to track your sleep, including the heart rate monitor. With the data that the watch collects during the night, it can deliver insights into your sleep cycles. There’s even a new TicSleep watch face, which allows you to review your sleep cycles later.

Along with simply tracking your sleep, the TicSleep app also allows you to see how you’ve been sleeping over the past few days. On the watch itself, you’ll be able to compare last night’s sleep with your average of the previous seven nights.

TicSleep is also aimed at waking you up properly. Using the sleep data that it collects, the TicSleep app can wake you up at the ideal time during your sleep cycle, so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Tech companies, in general, have gotten a lot better at tracking health and fitness, but a lot of that research and development seems to have been focused on working out and activity during the day. The problem is, sleep is a hugely important part of our life, and while we may not work out every day, we certainly (usually) sleep every day. That said, not everyone wants to wear a tracker during the night, so hopefully, companies will also continue to develop trackers that can be placed under the mattress or in the room, instead of attached to your body.

TicSleep will first roll out to the TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE, and can be activated by downloading the TicSleep app from the Google Play Store.

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