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The Modulaj by Triing smart ring is as intelligent as it is ethical

modulaj smart ring screen shot 2017 05 14 at 1 37 22 pm
If you shrank your smartphone down to about a tenth of its size and put it on your finger, you might end up with something that resembles the new Modulaj by Triing, a modular piece of jewelry made of aircraft grade titanium and lab-grown gemstones that brings the traditional ring into the digital age.

The unisex band was inspired by Montreal’s mid-century Brutalist architecture, and indeed, bears a unique aesthetic for the more fashion forward. The Modulag promises to organize and filter indiscriminate data feeds from your smartphone. In doing so, it delivers the most pertinent bits of information to your fingers. This smart ring seeks to address what its makers consider to be the three core human needs: social interactions, productivity, and personal safety.

Modulaj can inform you of phone calls, text messages, and emails that matter (you can create word clouds to ensure that only the communication you care about gets through); store calendar events and remind you of scheduled appointments; or even initiate a fake phone call (or send an SOS) to get yourself out of sticky situations.

“Jewelry hasn’t changed for over two thousand years,” Modulaj team notes on its Kickstarter page. “We reinterpret jewelry and make it relevant to our century. Technology and modular concepts create pieces valued as much for functional attributes and form-factor as for being decorative.”

With this smart ring, Android and iOS users alike can interface with their smartphones literally with their fingers, using touch-input context-derived visual and sensory alerts. The goal, the Modulaj team explains, is to give you full control over the relevance and amount of information you receive, helping you disengage a bit from your otherwise ubiquitous smartphone.

But not only is Modulaj concerned with how you interact with the world, but the company is also particularly cognizant of its own place in society. As such, the team strives to keep ethical and environmental concerns at the forefront of the creative process, using exclusively conflict-free precious and semi-precious stones from around the world.

The Modulaj smart ring comes in three colors — the white Glace, the blue Ciel, and the black Noir. All the feature the same geometric design and can be pre-ordered for about $170. Modulaj estimates a delivery date of February 2018.

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