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The M.Y. Misfit lets you mix and match your favorite fitness-tracker styles

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Misfit has kind of dropped off the radar over the past few months, but the company is back with another wearable fitness tracker, called M.Y. Misfit. This tracker, however, is a little different from Misfit’s other fitness trackers — because it’s totally customizable.

The tracker is aimed at allowing users to mix and match the style, and as a result you can change the color of the device, the strap style, the material of the strap, and more. That can be helpful for many people — especially considering the fact that wearables are fashion items, and many people want their fitness trackers to match their personal style.

The new tracker isn’t necessarily totally new. When you’re building your own M.Y. Misfit, you can choose from the body style of previous trackers — including the Misfit Phase, Shine 2, Ra, and later this year, the Vapor. After choosing the body, you can choose from a range of different colors, including Jet, Rose Tone, Silver, Midnight, and Champagne. Then, you decide on strap material, with choices including silicone, field, paracord, leather “and more.” According to the company, in total there are a hefty 600 combinations of trackers you can choose from, and that number will apparently rise to over 1,000 before the end of the year.

After you customize your device, the tracker will be built and shipped to order — so while it may take a few days to get to you, it is custom built specifically for you. The price of the tracker isn’t all that bad either — the line will start at $80.

It’s nice to see a higher level of customization among fitness trackers, and hopefully that trend will continue — after all fitness trackers do benefit from being fashionable. And more customization is always welcome.

You can customize your own M.Y. Misfit fitness tracker at the M.Y. Misfit website.

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