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This A.I.-powered collar translates your dog’s barks and body language

Have you ever wondered what your pet is trying to tell you? This collar may hold the answer. It’s one of the more intriguing pet-specific gadgets at CES 2021. CES has always been packed with pet-products that make caring for your pet more convenient, but few have had the potential impact of Petpuls’ A.I.-powered smart collar.

This collar uses voice recognition technology to detect and track five different emotional states. It analyzes the tone and pitch of your dog’s bark to tell you whether your pup feels happy, anxious, angry, sad, or relaxed — it’s just missing “squirrel.” If you are getting Up vibes, you aren’t alone.

The analysis device is attached to a collar. It pairs through Wi-Fi with an iOS or Android app to give you a readout of what your pet is “saying.” In addition to tracking mood, Petpuls also includes an accelerometer to track your dog’s activity and better manage diet. Think of it like a FitBit for your dog. The range is only around 15 feet, but your phone will pair whenever you come back in range.

It also measures rest. Dogs sleep an average of 14 hours per day and bark, in total, for less than one. Sleep is a critical part of your dog’s health, so measuring how much rest your pup gets — in addition to the tone of its voice — will help you better care for your four-legged friend.

The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology uses an algorithm to determine mood, along with a database of more than 10,000 bark samples from over 50 breeds of dogs. As your pup’s voice data accumulates, Petpuls becomes more accurate. The research and testing was done by Seoul National University and gives Petpuls an Emotional Recognition Accuracy Rate of more than 80%.

Petpuls is IP54 water-resistant, so take it off when bathing your pet, but a little rain won’t hurt it. It can operate between eight and 10 hours on a single charge, so it’s a good idea to recharge it nightly.

Small collars are available for $99, with additional straps available for $20. Large collars are available for $108, with additional straps available for $25. Petpuls comes in five colors: Orange, blue, green, hot pink, and turquoise. You can purchase the device through Petpuls’ website.

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