You’ll need to have patience if you want the Plumora smart bracelet on your wrist

It looks like designers are finally embracing wearable technology made especially for women, and the Plumora is the latest example. Plumora hopes to get its start in life on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. With both name and design inspired by a peacock’s feather, the Plumora is a smart bracelet which connects to a smartphone and alerts the wearer to incoming notifications.

Made from Lucite and finished in 18K yellow or white gold, the central “jewel” contains two LEDs that glow with each alert. The color can be customized with the accompanying app to add a personal touch. You can also configure the brightness, as well as add or remove individual apps from the notification list, ensuring that Plumora only displays relevant alerts. A vibration stops the wearer from worrying about missing anything important.

It connects to Android and iOS smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0, the battery is recharged wirelessly, and on a full charge should last around three days. The casing is water resistant, and the clasp can be adjusted for different wrist sizes. The Plumora isn’t a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, it’s a piece of jewelry with smart capabilities. While it has smartwatch-style features, it’s more about fashion and convenience, than apps and step counts.

Early bird pricing sets the Plumora’s cost at $170 — or $200-$250 if you miss out — while retail is $300. There are several considerably more expensive options in the campaign, including those in the thousands of dollars for custom designs. If the Plumora is the wearable gadget for you, then patience will be needed. Should the ambitious $250,000 goal be met, deliveries won’t take place until September 2015.