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Ringly now has a new affordable line of smart bracelets at Target

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Smart jewelry is now being smartly priced. Thanks to a new partnership with Target, wearables company Ringly has a new collection of affordable smart bracelets that will make you look like a million bucks without costing anywhere near that. The new product line, titled Ringly GO, will set you back $125, or $40 less than the company’s other smart rings and bracelets, and promise a new, lower price point, and upgraded lifestyle platform.

The bracelets certainly don’t want for anything in the style department, as all models come with either 14k gold plating or a polished stainless steel finish. Ringly GO also features unique stones in terms of both color and pattern, and can be found on two different styles — black and blush-nude. With full-grain Italian leather straps that are both durable and interchangeable, these bracelets are made for every day and every occasion.

In conjunction with its new product offering, Ringly has also updated its app with newly integrated mindfulness exercises and content. That means that in addition to keeping tabs on your physical activity, you can also ensure that you’re being purposeful about your life and decisions by setting daily reminders to take part in guided audio meditation and breathing exercises. And of course, you can still depend on your smart bracelet to receive mobile alerts by way of vibrations and subtle light.

“Women deserve technology that help them live healthy, balanced lives without sacrificing style or comfort. The days of clunky fitness trackers are behind us,” Ringly CEO and founder Christina d’Avignon said. “With style and function being paramount, we are constantly looking at innovative and interactive ways to further our initial mission — to help make women’s lives easier — across all categories. Tracking wellness and personal health is as important as it is relevant to our culture, and therefore the logical next step for us, further supporting our belief that wearable tech can be more discreetly — and beautifully — integrated into our lives.”

At launch, Ringly GO will be available at 200 Target stores, and select other retailers.

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