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Glasses USA’s Snapchat Spectacles prescription lenses are priced low

Prescription lenses for Snapchat Spectacles are now available from another lens manufacturer, this time in the form of Glasses USA.

Better still, the company is offering the most competitive pricing on the market, with single-vision lenses starting from just $29, including free shipping.

A variety of Spectacles lenses can be ordered online from the Glasses USA website, all of which can be further customized. However, the prices do start to increase if, for example, you require progressive ($139), or bifocal ($99) lenses.

An additional perk is that you don’t even have to send your beloved Spectacles to the New York City-based manufacturer. Once you make your choice online, your customized lenses will be sent to you within 10-12 days with a tutorial on how to “snap” them safely into place — see the tutorial video above to get an idea of the process.

The lenses are offered in a number of packages, such as value, standard, super, and premium, which range between $29 and $98. The more you’re willing to spend, the more extras you’ll receive, including thinner lenses, UV protective coating, anti-reflective coating, and premium anti-reflective coating. Then there’s the lens type: “clear” lenses are included in the $29 deal, “digital block” (which filter out the blue rays emitted from digital devices) cost an additional $29, “photocromic” that adjust from light to dark (an extra $59), and sunglasses (an extra $29).

Spectacles are currently being sold in Manhattan at Snap’s pop-up store, which now includes several vending machines stocked with the product — making it easier than ever to purchase the $130 wearable. The “snapbot” vending machines are also being dropped off at random locations that can be tracked via the Spectacles website.

Earlier this month, we reported that lens manufacturer Rochester Optical had become the first to start providing prescription lenses for the video-recording sunglasses. However, Optical’s prices start from $99 and go up to $199 for photocromic or polarized lenses.

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