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Meet Zenta, a next-generation wearable that promotes mindfulness

Introducing ZENTA

Child of the ’90s? Surely you remember mood rings, those delightful pieces of jewelry that promised to change color as often as you shifted emotions. We may be a few decades older (and hopefully, wiser too), but the fascination with wearables highlighting my mental well-being certainly hasn’t shifted much. And thankfully, now there’s a new device that seems something like the mood ring of the 21st century.

It’s the Zenta, a new bracelet that claims to collect and sync physical, emotional, and digital data to provide a comprehensive overview of its user’s well-being. The goal of the new wearable is to highlight the importance of mindfulness, and all its accompanying benefits.

The biometric band certainly does all the things a normal activity tracker would (it can tell you how many steps you’ve taken, how you’re sleeping, and more), but more importantly, it’s looking into your emotions using what it calls “the most advanced biometric sensing technology and machine learning algorithms to decode cues from your body, mind, and digital life.”

This means that it’s looking into things like your heart rate and heart rate variability, your blood oxygen saturation, your skin temperature, your electrodermal activity, your pulse transit time, and your pulse-wave velocity. All these elements, Zenta claims, help you gain insights into the things that make you happy, sad, stressed, or otherwise emotional.

Powering Zenta is a 3-axis accelerometer, a vibration motor, a biometric optical sensor, a temperature sensor, a microphone, and Bluetooth smart radio (so it is slightly more advanced than your childhood mood ring). And thanks to the sleek design from London-based technology design studio Vinaya, this wearable is one elegant piece of jewelry.

All the information the Zenta collects is transmitted to the companion app, which provides things like a trend analysis of your body and mind metrics, information about stress-inducing triggers, personalized prompts and content to help build better habits, and interactive touch that syncs with your body in real time (which means you can actually feel your heartbeat through the wearable).

You can pre-order the Zenta now for the early bird price of $149, and while the estimated shipping date isn’t until March 2017, this just may be a wearable worth waiting for.

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