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You can now buy Comcast cable and Internet from Amazon

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Amazon may be part of the problem for cable companies when it comes to cord cutting, but now, it’s playing both sides of the field. As of this week, you can now buy Internet, TV, and phone services from Comcast by way of Amazon. So yes, you can now buy basically everything from Amazon — including its own competitors’ offerings.

It’ll be one of the biggest partnerships for either party. Indeed, the cable giant has never struck such a deal with an online retailer, and Amazon looks to be trekking along in its alarmingly successful quest to infiltrate every aspect of consumerism.

“Amazon is not only the biggest online retailer and a place where millions of our customers shop every day, but it’s also a brand that’s unrivaled when it comes to customer service,” said Charlie Herrin, executive vice president of customer experience for Comcast Cable. “Amazon’s new marketplace provides an immersive online destination to showcase our terrific suite of products, including Xfinity X1.”

To buy Comcast services with Amazon, simply head over to the new Amazon Cable Store, your online destination for … well, landlines. “We took all of Xfinity’s best online offers, added Amazon exclusive promotions and a dedicated customer service experience from Xfinity, and let you place your order online in three simple steps,” Amazon announced. Simply select a package and equipment, complete a credit check, and then schedule an installation. And don’t worry — Amazon and Comcast respect your time. Under this new deal, Xfinity technicians are guaranteed to show up on time or they will automatically credit you $20.

This will certainly present an impressive new front of competition for other major cable providers, as the combination of Amazon’s ubiquity and Comcast’s brick-and-mortar business could prove a tough combination to beat. Promising more ways to save with their novel partnership, Amazon is offering free gift cards with certain bundles, eliminating leasing fees, and a pledge to answer your call in 60 seconds or less (well, it’s a goal, not a pledge, but still).

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