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Ashley Madison seeks to emerge from troubles with a major rebrand

Adultery just got a rebrand. After a quiet few months that resulted from the massive 25-gigabyte data leak of late 2015, Avid Life Media (which owns and operates Ashley Madison) has announced its reemergence as Ruby Corp., and is further “repositioning its Ashley Madison flagship brand.” As new CEO Rob Segal noted in a statement, “It’s a new day at Ruby and renaming our Topco is an important step in our journey to completely rebuild the company as a relevant, digital dating innovator that truly cares for our customers.”

Of the many changes slated for release, Segal notes that Ruby has finally done away with Ashley Madison’s well-known, contentious slogan: “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” Said Segal, “It was a limiting label that’s out-dated and doesn’t speak to the wide variety of connections people find on Ashley Madison. Close to 45 percent of our members are single, over 50 percent are attached and they are interested in a wide range of experiences.” He added, “While remaining true to our roots, Ashley Madison needs to evolve, grow, and attune to modern sexuality in 2016.” Which apparently, includes (but is not limited to) having an affair.

As of Tuesday, the new tagline for Ashley Madison reads “Find Your Moments,” and rather than its signature wedding ring icon and “hush” imagery, users will now see a “modern, discreet wordmark” as the brand’s logo. And on July 18, there will also be a new global digital campaign and series of television advertisements, slated to air in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada. If you’re, you know, curious, you can check out a preview of the ads here.

“People visit Ashley Madison to find sparks, butterflies, and new experiences,” Segal explained. “Ashley Madison welcomes open-minded and adventurous people from every walk of life. We hope our new advertising campaign connects with people and reflects what they are looking for when they join the Ashley Madison community.”

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