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Aussies To Have New Net Rules?

Aussies To Have New Net Rules?It’s the old argument about freedom of speech against protecting children from online porn and material that’s inappropriate. But Australia’s new Labor government has made itsposition clear – it wants to protect the kids.                          To that end, it’s proposing thatAustralian ISPs filter content so children, both at school and at home, can only access family-friendly sites, according to a BBC report.   Unsurprisingly,civil libertarians are up in arms, claiming that it will put severe limits on Internet freedom. However, those who want to opt out of the scheme will be able to do so by contacting their serviceproviders.   Perhaps the biggest bone of contention, though, will come from the fact that the government will compile a list of unsuitable sites. What meets the “unsuitable”criteria, though, no one seems to know – or is saying – yet.   With relatively slow broadband speeds, filters could slow connections for Australian subscribers even more.

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