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British Broadband Action Urged

According to a new report from the Broadband Stakeholder Group, it will cost around $32 billion to upgrade the UK’s broadband network to handle speeds of 100 Mbps. That’s a lot of dough, especially for those who have to invest in the infrastructure, but the benefits it will bring will at least be equal to the cost.

However, those benefits won’t accrue until at least 80% of the country is up to speed, the report warns.

Currently, some part of the broadband network can handle 24 Mbps, but at present 100 Mbps seems like a pipe dream. However, the report also urges against just jumping in to make it happen.

Currently the report advised, it was better to wait until investors and companies were ready for the next generation upgrade – although at the same time it cautioned against waiting too long.

The report was prepared for a conference on next generation broadband, to be hosted by the Broadband Stakeholder Group with Ofcom’s Consumer Panel.

Anna Bradley, chair of the Ofcom Consumer Panel, said:

"It is imperative that we face the challenges of delivering a social dividend by looking at ways of delivering next generation access to all corners of the UK, alongside making the economic case for commercial roll out."

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