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Cell Phone Burns Mask Accidental Death

Paranoid cell users: you can safely return your phones to your pockets now. After speculation this week that a Korean man’s death may have been caused by an exploding cell phone in his pocket, authorities have discovered a much more likely cause for punctured and punctured heart and lungs – a massive piece of quarry equipment.

According to the Associated Press, a doctor who examined the body determined that the damage was too severe to have come from a cell phone. With some further investigation, police questioned the man who first reported the death, who eventually admitted he was actually at fault. Apparently, the death was accidental, and occurred as the man was backing up a  drilling vehicle. The melted cell phone was most likely a cover up, though the man did not admit to melting it.

The public relations folks over at LG, the maker of the cell phone, must be breathing easier now, although they maintained all along that the death was not caused by an explosion. “LG rigorously tests all the products not only for functionality and design, but safety as well,” the company said in a statement released on Friday.

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