Donald Trump is expected to be the big Super Tuesday winner

With America’s political future hanging in the balance, the 12 states holding primary elections in this year’s Super Tuesday may very well determine our nation’s fate. After all, most candidates who have taken the most states on this day in the last several decades have gone on to become their party’s candidate (though not necessarily the president of the United States). And according to both Google and Bing, the coast is clear for Donald Trump to go head to head with the Democratic nominee in the general election this November. So buckle up, friends. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

As VentureBeat reports, search trends on both Bing Search Wave and Google Trends tend to be quite indicative of who voters are interested in, and by extension, likely to support. Sure, typing a candidate’s name into a search box is very different from dropping their names into a ballot box come election day, but still, it’s an important (and rather accurate) metric.

When examining Bing’s and Google’s search volume, results are clear: Trump will win not most, but almost all 11 Republican races taking place on Super Tuesday (Texas is the one exception). It’s worth noting that Bing successfully predicted seven out of the eight contests that occurred in February, so while we should take any and all projections with a grain of salt, this one holds water better than most.

On the Democrats’ side, the data is less clear. Bing suggest that Bernie Sanders will take six states and Hillary Clinton will win five, but Google suggests that Sanders will come away far more successful, taking 11 contests.

That said, a number of other statistical models suggest that Clinton will be the one taking on Trump come November. David Rothschild’s PredictWise, RealClearPolitics, FiveThirtyEight, Political Insiders, and Ballotcraft all suggest that the former Secretary of State will take home the most votes this evening.

Luckily, in just 24 hours, we’ll have our answers.