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Facebook Sues German Social Network

Facebook Sues German Social Network

Facebook isn’t happy with the German social network Studivz. That’s because it believes Studivz, short or Studienverzeichnis – or students’ directory – has violated its intellectual property by copying Facebook’s look, feel and features, according to the BBC. So it’s filed suit against the German upstart in a California court.

Studivz has around 10 million members, most of whom are based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Facebook has around 125 million members, according to the latest figues – but few of them are in Germany, which is why the case has developed, according to Studivz, which claims it has yet to be served with court papers, and has gone to court in Germany to have Facebook’s claims declared to have no merit.

According to its court complaint, Facebook says:

"As with any counterfeit product, Studivz’s uncontrolled quality standards for service, features and privacy negatively impact the genuine article."

In response, Marcus Riecke, CEO of Studivz, said: "There are numerous social networks. Facebook was not the first and certainly isn’t the only one."

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