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Google’s latest Doodle reminds everyone to get out and vote on Tuesday

google doodle election 2016
In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a rather big political event taking place on Tuesday.

Yes, folks, it’s that time once again where you can have a say in who steers the nation for the next four years.

The 2016 campaign, pitching Hillary against The Donald, has surely been the most divisive and vitriolic in American history, and with the most recent opinion polls putting the two politicians pretty much neck and neck, it’s clear there’s everything to play for.

Keen to encourage U.S. citizens to get out and cast their vote on Tuesday – or before in locations where early voting is available – Google has posted a new Doodle to remind Americans of this week’s presidential election.

The Doodle shows the letters holding signs with the word “vote” written in several languages. Click on it and you’re prompted to enter your home address so you can find out the precise location of your nearest polling place, which of course is presented alongside a Google Map with a pin highlighting the building.

It also offers information on any other votes taking place in your area, such as local state elections or referendums.

Google also confirms that after the polling places close on Tuesday night it’ll be offering “real-time U.S. election results integrated right into your Google searches in over 30 languages” for users around the world.

Since the 1970s, voter turnout in U.S. presidential elections has been mostly between 50 and 60 percent. But will the uniqueness of this year’s campaign, and the tightening of the opinion polls, result in a jump in the number of voters casting their ballot this time around? We don’t have too long to wait to find out….

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