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iPods Teach Medical Students

iPods Teach Medical Students

It’s used all over the world for entertainment, and now it’s being used for learning. The BBC reports that radiography students at Derby University are being given iPods pre-loaded with video lessons on how to position patients for X-rays.

The devices have been given to first-year students, who will be expected to return them two years later. They will be allowed to download their own music to the devices, too, but teachers will check they’re using them for their intended purpose.

According to senior lecturer Ruth Chester:

"They are not gadgets, they are things of the future that are here to stay.”

"Students want different ways of learning."

However, the students won’t be allowed to use them in the X-ray room itself. Sue Errett, a radiographer responsible for creating the video lessons, noted:

"I don’t feel it would be professional to use it directly in front of a patient."

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