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Italian Cyber Police Hit by Anonymous Hackers, 8GB stolen

italy-anonymousSeems like Anonymous’ AntiSec campaign is gaining ground internationally. Italian hackers tied to Anonymous are claiming to have acquired a “Pandora[s] box” of data stripped from Italian cyber police servers.

On Monday the hacktivist collective’s Italian branch, dubbed Legion of Anonymous Doom, released a statement on pastebin announcing they had a 8GB of leaked data but only provided links to few previews of their cache. The purported leaks come from evidence servers at the “Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche” or CNAIPIC, Italy’s cybercrime unit. The release promised that this was only the beginning in a series which would “reveal the biggest in history of European LE cyber operation Evidence exploitation and abuse.”

The Telegraph points out that the 8GB contains information on many firms “involved in critical infrastructure, including oil and nuclear firms, as well as government bodies such as the Australian Ministry of Defence.” The stolen data is claimed to have originated from the seized property of “computer professional entertainers” and spans through the countries of Egypt, Australia, Ukraine, Nepal, Belarus, Vietnam. The hackers also say they have some US data on EXXON MOBIL, the Department of agriculture and many attorneys.

The Legion of Anonymous Doom says the CNAIPIC was using the data for their own gain in the “global spy game galore”. The CNAIPIC has confirmed in a statement that their systems were hacked, though they are not denying or confirming whether any data was taken.

It’s strongly suspected that these attacks against the Italian cyber police are retaliation for the arrest of 15 possible Anonymous members earlier this month. Recently, AntiSec hackers breached the security systems of NATO and stole a gigabyte of data.

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