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Roll over, Puppy Bowl — Key & Peele present the adorable Pigskin Bowl

Squarespace 2016 Super Bowl Live Stream | Real Talk with Key and Peele | LIVE
Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the duo known for their hit Comedy Central show Key & Peele, are doing their own Super Bowl commentary live on Squarespace and YouTube. In Real Talk with Key and Peele, the comedians get into character as hosts Lee (Key) and Morris (Peele) and give us the irreverent comedy we have come to expect from them. We tuned in to catch their “Pigskin Bowl,” which aired during the Super Bowl halftime. Four adorable little pigs were brought out onto the field and separated into two teams — white and purple — as indicated by their neckerchiefs.

key-and-peele-super-bowlLee and Morris provided commentary for the Pigskin Bowl as well, remarking that one of the players went to school at Hogwarts. The hosts stood outside the miniature field, making up plays as they went along. The “players” themselves didn’t do much but nuzzle each other and sniff around for food. There were cameras to catch the action, including one strapped to an RC car that looked an awful lot like a Gravedigger monster truck model with the logos covered.

There was no set time for quarters, with the shortest lasting a couple of minutes and others stretching far beyond that. The replays were all pointless and adorable, and the short halftime was pre-recorded footage that felt much like filler.

The live commentary appears to have been done off the cuff, which led to some hilarious moments. During the third quarter, one host remarked on the players “overcoming the challenges that are in front of them” after it was learned that one of their mothers was being made into bacon. The hosts speculated whether or not it was of the Canadian variety. They also mention (multiple times) that pigs share 99 percent of their DNA with humans. real-talk-with-key-and-peele

In the final minutes of the game, gameplay was motivated by the addition of apple slices strewn onto the field. The pigs hustled after the food, and some of them ended up in the end zone (albeit without the little football, which saw virtually no action for the entire game). The arbitrary scoring system led to a final score of 29-20, with the Oinkers (purple team) coming out victorious. One player seemed to catch the hosts’ attention above all. The fuzzy one they call “Shaggy” got the most camera time as a result, and he was the MVP (most valuable pig, perhaps).

The hosts were following social media during the game, and remarked that “All the Puppy Bowl people is watching this broadcast.” This was clearly more humor, and we did notice the peak viewership on YouTube alone during the Pigskin Bowl was close to 11,000. The Puppy Bowl’s audience has numbered in the millions.

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