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Major UK TV Retailers Go Digital

By 2012 television in the UK will all be digital as analogue signals are switched off around the country. For most people that will mean using the Freeview service, a set-top box that receives a free digital signal. The first part of England went digital last year, and the Scottish borders area will make the changeover later this year.   Because of all this, the BBC reports, three major British retailers – Currys, Dixons and PC World – have all announced that they will no longer sell analogue televisions. Instead they’ll take the tack of pushing set which have integrated Freeview tuners.   Currys managing director said,   "We believe that it is appropriate to ensure that our customers are able to select from a future-proof range of televisions. Integrated digital televisions are relatively simple to operate, offer superior technology and are an important window on the digital future."   The three chains, which are all owned by the same company, will also stop selling DVD recorders that use analogue tuners.  

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