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Microsoft Sues Mouse Maker

Microsoft Sues Mouse Maker

You might not pay much attention to your computer mouse, other than to use it, but Microsoft does. CNET reports that the company has just filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission against a Taiwanese company, Primax Electronics, saying it violates Microsoft’s hardware patents.

It’s unusual for Redmond’s giant to be on the accusing side of the table in suits like this, but it claims Primax has violated seven different patents involving two separate mouse technologies – U2, which lets a mouse to connect to both PS2 and USB ports, automatically detecting which of the ports is used, and Tiltwheel, which uses tilting to bring in additional cursor movement.

Microsoft is asking for an order that would bar Primax for importing the offending mice into the US, after Microsoft deputy general counsel Horacio Gutierrez said the company has tried to initiate licensing talks with Primax on a number of occasions.

"We’ve actually approached them repeatedly. The conversations never got anywhere."

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