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NEC Recalls Power Supplies in Japan

NEC Recalls Power Supplies in Japan

Following two instances where power supplies inside computers have overheated and caught fire, NEC Corporation has issued a recall (Japanese) for some 14,600 Valuestar computers sold to Japanese consumers. The Valuestar models were manufactured between November 2004 and June 2004, and NEC says it sold 14,600 units to Japanese customers. No units were sold overseas. The Valuestar systems feature integrated LCD screens and were sold to everyday computer users, targeting a similar demographic to Apple’s flat-screen iMacs.

According to NEC, a coil inside the power supply could overheat and begin emitting sparks and smoke. Although no one was injured in the two known instances of Valuestars burning out, the problem could pose a risk of injury and property damage.

NEC will replace the recalled power supplies free of charge. The recalled power supplies were not made by NEC, but the company declined to identify who manufactured the component.

The recall comes on the heels of Sony and Sanyo recalling millions of batteries used in notebook computers and portable devices due to a risk of overheating and fire. In the case of Sony notebook batteries, several computers from Dell, Apple, and other manufactured experienced well-publicized fires, damaging the reputations of the computer makers and (particularly) Sony.

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