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Save money on your hotel room with the latest tool from Service

Service for Hotels
Traveling the world may be on your bucket list, but unless you’ve got buckets full of money to spend, your jetsetting habits may be a bit difficult to sustain. But thanks to a new travel service, you may be able to save just a bit of money when it comes to finding temporary homes for each of your destinations. Meet Service’s newest tool for hotels, which monitors for lower rates and automatically rebooks a room for you when prices drop.

The latest tool (simply named Service for hotels) uses what the company calls “automated, proprietary technology” in order to monitor for price differences and ensure that you benefit from those changes. Service promises to monitor for the best rate right until you check in, so regardless of whether you book months or hours in advance, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price available — even after you’ve hit the “book” button.

“We’re thrilled to now be able to save our users money on their hotel bookings,” said Michael Schneider, CEO, Service. “While there are many services that compare hotel rates before booking, we are proud to launch the first service that ensures consumers get the best rate after booking, while providing the same seamless experience our users expect.”

You may know Service best for its existing tool for flights, which will automatically file a claim on your behalf should your flight be delayed or canceled. Should that claim go through successfully, Service takes 30 percent of the value of the successful reimbursement. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Service’s services (if you anticipate flying and being delayed a lot), which allows you to keep 100 percent of whatever reimbursements the company secures for you throughout the course of a year.

“Consumers expect prompt assistance and resolutions when dealing with travel issues — businesses who don’t meet these expectations will likely lose a repeat customer,” continued Schneider. “Service’s mission from the beginning was to offer an automatic solution for travel customer service, and today, that not only includes reimbursements for delayed or cancelled flights, but automatic savings on hotel room rates, putting cash directly back into travelers’ wallets. The future of customer service is not reactive, but immediate, proactive customer care.”

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