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World’s most expensive domain,, relaunches as world’s most unsubtle Pinterest clone

What do you do with the world’s most expensive domain name? The new owners of, which was sold for a record $13 million, have decided to try to make some of their money back by copying the current darling of the social media scene, Pinterest. Except as it’s hosted on, the content being shared is slightly more risqué.

According to a press release put out to announce the “beta” launch of the new site, Pinterest is filled with women posting pictures of weddings, dresses and recipes, none of which are of any interest to men. Apparently, men are looking for a virtual pin board where they can share pictures of unwed women not wearing dresses.

It’s doing well too, as a new account is supposedly created every minute. Members can share content, follow users and discover a whole new world of adult photos and videos.

The press release gives little away as to who is running, quoting only one person, named “Fred,” who says they expect to compete not only with Pinterest, but with Tumblr over the next 12 months too. Tumblr is perhaps the better comparison here, as unlike Pinterest, it allows adult content on its blogs.

Blatant rip-off

So how similar is to Pinterest? The answer is very similar. The background is the same, the site’s title looks the same, sections of the About page are almost identical, as is the overall presentation and layout. Thankfully hasn’t changed Pinterest’s pin logo into something more lurid. Well, not yet anyway.

Even the mission statement is a rewritten version of Pinterests, with claiming its goal is to “create a better free porn world by linking people across the world through the porn they love,” while Pinterest more concisely says it’s “connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.”

You’d think after spending $13 million on the domain, the owners would have at least made the site look unique, instead of the carbon copy it is now. Will Pinterest’s legal team take an interest in the similarities?

So there you have it, the most expensive domain now hosts a blatant rip-off of a popular site, and it isn’t even the first to produce Pinterest-for-porn either, as we’ve already been blessed with Pornterest and Snatchly. That’s according to “research” by, by the way.

You can check out the site for yourself, but be warned, it’s not only very NSFW, but we experienced several annoying, ahem, pop-ups during repeated fact-checking views of the site.

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