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Monster Pounds Out Dr. Dre Earbuds

Monster Pounds Out Dr. Dre Earbuds

Monster Cable is continuing its push into the audiophile headphone market, announcing a pre-lauch of its Beats by Dr. Dre Tour high-resolution in-ear headphones. The new in-ear headphones are a follow-on to the company’s Beats by Dr. Dre line of enclosed headphones, but these earbuds claim to deliver the same clarity, deep bass, and power as the over-the-ear cans. The company says it’s been working on the headphones for four years…and, if you can believe it, they feature tangle-free cables.

“Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre is all about incredible sound,” said ‘Little Monster’ Kevin Lee, in a statement. “Making this happen in a tiny earbud was a major challenge. That’s why we took four years to develop Beats by Dr. Dre Tour. We were simply not going to introduce them until they lived up to the Beats by Dr. Dre promise! Making them tangle-free as well was, as they say, icing on the cake.”

Monster offers no details on what exactly makes the earbuds tangle-free, and in the absence of evidence we just have to assume they didn’t do any product testing with a child under the age of seven. (Because, really, at that age nothing is tangle-free.) The earbuds feature distortion-free bass, in-ear noise isolation, five custom-fit eartips, and a carrying case.

Folks who want to check out the earbuds for themselves can check out limited quantities that will be available for sale by mid-month at the Apple Store, Amazon, and (of course) BeatsByDre.com. Retail price? $149.95.