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It’s official: Jack Dorsey is back in charge at Twitter

It’s just part of the (tech) circle of life — when it comes to leadership at major tech companies, what goes around comes around. At least, in the case of Twitter co-founder, former CEO, and now current CEO Jack Dorsey. Imagine having to explain that line on your résumé. After considerable speculation that Dorsey’s interim gig at the social media giant’s helm would soon turn permanent, the 38-year-old announced this morning that the rumors are true, and that he’s now the official CEO of not one, but two very large companies. In a quick 8 a.m. tweet (How else would you go about making the announcement, right?) Dorsey said, “We are naming COO of Twitter, we’re working to change the composition of our Board, and I will serve as CEO of Twitter and Square!” Mazel.

Dorsey has served as the interim CEO of Twitter since Dick Costolo relinquished the position in June, following sagging stock prices and a declining user base. While other platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat saw their metrics soar, Twitter has remained a bit stagnant, and has spent the last several weeks innovating and suggesting potential changes to their current repertoire (including rumors of bidding adieu to that (in)famous 140 character limit).

As Twitter’s very first CEO from 2007 to 2008, Dorsey certainly had considerable influence in setting the pace for the company until he was abruptly replaced by Ev Williams. But he’s certainly kept busy in the meantime — while he never went far from Twitter’s leadership team, he also managed to find the time to establish and lead online payment service Square in 2009. As per the SEC filing released in conjunction with Dorsey’s new leadership announcement, it appears that there are no plans for the entrepreneur to abandon his post at one company in favor of the other. He is, quite literally, a jack of at least two trades.

Ex-CEO Costolo also took to Twitter this morning to congratulate his now official replacement. “@jack is a calm and thoughtful leader. He is bold, forthright, decisive, and the team loves working with him,” he tweeted.

So here’s to you, Jack. May round two be even better than round one.