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5 cool, creative design platforms to make your website come alive

If your website still looks like something that could’ve been set up with GeoCities in the late ’90s, then it’s probably time for a change. These days, people want to experience attractive sites that are minimalist, clean, vibrant, and functional. In short, the exact opposite of the kinds of sites GeoCities typically hosted.

There are myriad of website-building tools available, many of which serve as remarkable, up-and-coming design platforms that can make any site reach its full potential and beyond. Here are five of our current favorites, from OnePager to Pixpa.

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As the name implies, OnePager is a tool for creatives who want to quickly build a simple site for any number of reasons. Sometimes, you don’t have all the time in the world to play around with complicated sites that are dozens of pages deep. Taking minimalism as far as it can go, it lets you create a site where the most important information is easily displayed by simply scrolling up or down.



Today, people want to be able to access the Internet from everywhere, whether it’s their desktop, tablet, or mobile device. That’s why it makes sense to create a site that’s accessible in the widest number of ways. Moboom’s a design platform that emphasizes something called responsive design. In essence, you’ll be able to design a site in such a way that it shows up properly no matter the type of device a user has, be it smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Site Sumo

Grow Rich

Throwing its weight around is Site Sumo, a design platform that simplifies the site-building process with its drag-and-drop content editor. Instead of getting bogged down with a complicated back-end process, you literally have to just point-and-click to get page elements where you want them. The ease of use stressed by this platform lets people with absolutely no site-building experience jump straight into the fray.



There’s a debate today in design circles about whether or not “real” Web designers have to learn to code. Luckily, anyone who tries out Webydo won’t have to get in the middle of this nasty debate. Webydo’s guarantee is that creatives can build spiffy-looking sites without having to learn how to code one iota. With this extra freedom, creatives can bring the ideas and vision in their heads right to a site mockup with few hassles.



For some people, templates are the way to go. They eliminate the stress of having to come up with original designs and let them get right to site creation. Templates allow folks with very basic Web-building knowledge to find their way around the design process. Pixpa features a slew of attractive templates that let people change their site design whenever they want. The design platform also offers hosting, SEO-friendly coding and a custom domain for its users.