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23 common HTC Vive problems and how to fix them


The HTC Vive is, by our estimation, the best virtual reality headset currently on the market. It’s an exciting and innovative device, but it’s also complex and requires very specific setup conditions in order to work, and work properly. As such, a myriad of problems can occur, stemming from both hardware and software issues. Thankfully, many of these problems can be fully addressed and prevented. This guide will cover the most common HTC Vive problems users may encounter, and how to fix them.

If you exhaust the fixes detailed in this article, or simply do not find a solution to your particular problem, it may require you to send a system report to the SteamVR mailing list so Valve can diagnose and hopefully solve whatever is plaguing your system or device setup.

  1. From SteamVR, go to Settings > General > Create System Report.
  2. Click Save to File.
  3. Email the system report file to steamvr@valvesoftware.com

Valve stresses to do this ONLY if the solutions listed here — which are culled from Valve’s troubleshooting page and the Steam forums — fail to yield a solution to your problem.

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