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Microsoft offers free software diagnostic, malware removal in-store

In case you didn’t know, if you bring your PC to a Microsoft store, you’ll be entitled to some neat diagnostic and security services that could help you save big bucks.

Microsoft’s Answer Desks, which you’ll find in the company’s retail stores, offer five free services. They’ll provide you with “extended diagnostics on any device,” though it is unclear what “extended diagnostics” means, exactly. From there, the picture gets a little clearer though.

Microsoft reps will also perform software repair or support, remove viruses and/or malware, and they’ll also offer to give your PC a tune up in order to boost its performance. It’s unclear what these tuneups will entail, so we suggest that you ask as many questions as you can think of when you bring your rig in. Virus and malware removal seems straightforward. Microsoft’s Answer Desk page also says that you can get an appraisal on store credit for your gear through the company’s Recycle for Rewards program.

On the plus side Microsoft says that they’ll perform these free services for you regardless of where you bought your computer, whether you got your PC from Microsoft, or somewhere else. Therefore, this offer isn’t something that only applies to Surface owners. 

You can also get some of these services, including a tune up and virus/malware removal online, but you’ll have to pay $99 for either of those. We suggest that you get in on the freebie if there’s a Microsoft store somewhere near you, should you be in need of any of these services.