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Surprise! Microsoft is selling three new Surface-based Bluetooth peripherals

During Microsoft’s press event on Wednesday, the company introduced the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 — debuting in spring 2017 — the Surface all-in-one PC, and an updated Surface Book laptop. What the company didn’t showcase were the three Surface-branded peripherals that recently showed up in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group database. Instead, the company quietly added the three new peripherals to its online store during the press briefing.

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Up for pre-order now is the $130 Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. It connects to a Windows device through Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, meaning the two AAA batteries should last for a good, long while. The overall form factor looks as if the device was exposed to high heat, as it bends slightly upward vertically and caves in horizontally so that your hands rest naturally on the keys.

“The unique palm rest and subtle changes to the keytop geometry, split space bar, and naturally arched shape help protect you from hand and wrist strain, while improving your typing form,” the product listing states.

As expected, the keyboard is outfitted with the Surface brand’s trademark gray colors, with the keys and cushioned palm rest contrasting against a softer base. The spacebar splits into two physical keys allowing users to program one for an additional keyboard command if desired. Overall, the keyboard sports a proprietary material called Alcantara that features “unique aesthetic, sensory, and technical qualities.”

Compatible with: Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Studio
Connector type: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Operating system: Windows 10, Bluetooth Smart Ready
Dimensions: 18.11 x 9.02 x 1.36 inches
Weight: 2.23 pounds
Battery: 2x AAA Alkaline (included)
Battery life: Up to 12 months
Warranty: One-year limited hardware warranty
Store link: Head here
Price: $130
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