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OneDrive for Business gets easier to use in new menus, revised search

Earlier today, Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business team announced the arrival of a new update to its web interface, one that will give users more options to interact with their product through the browser of their choice.

The changes are subtle, but a nice upgrade for those who depend on the platform for their cloud storage needs. Before the update, whenever you clicked inside the window containing the files in your drive you would only be greeted with the menu for that specific browser. Now, you’ll be able to edit, move, copy, rename, or delete any folders you’d like on the fly, without having to use a separate button press for the system to recognize the command.

OneDrive users will also find a refreshed search tool that brings up results in real-time, including files and folders that others in your network have shared with you.

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The move achieves something reminiscent of what users have already come to expect from web-based cloud storage services such as Dropbox, which for years has utilized its own special menu that would appear whenever a user right clicks inside their file system.

Microsoft says we can expect the full range of these features to begin rolling out to users in a few days, and finish by the end of the month.