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Surface: Microsoft deals with Wi-Fi issues (again) with latest firmware update

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 ProIt seems Microsoft is continuing to wrestle with Wi-Fi issues affecting its Surface RT tablet, with the release Tuesday of another firmware update designed to once and for all put the matter to bed.

It’s the fifth time since launching the tablet in October last year that Microsoft has rolled out remedies for various issues, and the third time that Wi-Fi problems have been addressed.

On a webpage listing details of all Surface RT updates since launch, Microsoft says the latest patch for the device should serve to improve Wi-Fi reliability and connectivity “in various scenarios”, and should also prevent system crashes brought on by Wi-Fi issues.

The more powerful Pro version of the Surface tablet, which hit the market in February, gets its third firmware update. The latest one involves, for example, sorting out some connectivity issues with the Surface Type and Touch covers, and also fixes a problem where toggling airplane mode was disabling the Wi-Fi driver.

While firmware updates are of course part and parcel of the technology game, the fact that the RT version of the tablet still appears to be suffering from Wi-Fi issues will be a matter of some concern for Surface RT users. Hopefully the latest patch will have finally resolved these apparently lingering problems.

The update should install on your Surface tablet automatically through Windows Update. Also, they’re cumulative, so if your tablet has somehow missed any earlier ones, they’ll all arrive on your tablet with Tuesday’s patch.

If you’d prefer to do a manual install, check out Microsoft’s instructions below on how to do so:

– Open PC Settings, by swiping in from right edge (or, if using a mouse, point to upper-right corner of screen).

– Tap or click Settings.

– Tap or click Change PC settings.

– Under PC settings, tap or click Windows Update.

– Tap or click Check for Updates.

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